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Because, many policies of its government functional departments are not willing to take responsibility, also must let the domestic stock market this other; Policy throughout the city ; Crazy development, its potential risk is bigger and bigger. All in all, from the above several aspects as you can see, some phenomenon in the stock market is to destroy the core value of the stock market, is destroying the basic culture of the stock market, replica salvatore ferragamo belt once these concepts into the mainstream, the greater the domestic stock market systemic risk will accumulate, and these concepts are changing the Gucci stock market culture, changing the foundation to the development of the Gucci stock market. If the government can't have a clear understanding, the systemic risk to the Gucci stock market will be more and more big. Some time ago, I wrote an article, pointed out that the capitalization of the Gucci economy is entering a comprehensive process. In the process, the deep sleep for thousands of years of land, the fixed assets, the enterprise and individual, government future earnings to discount or capitalization of overflow. Overflow, for a lot of wealth, of course, is the good social and economic development and prosperity, but our government must pay close attention to how the overflow of wealth distribution, the flow out of wealth is going to where? If you don't pay close attention to this, then our society in the face of contradictions and conflicts will be more and more, more and more big. We may see, these days, all the half annual report of listed companies have to release, the result was indeed gratifying. Not only monopoly enterprises other; Results throughout; Rapid growth, with many financial institutions and other Results throughout; Is amazing. All banking appeared unprecedented growth performance. Big Banks, small Banks are also no less; The performance of the domestic insurance companies is also rising exponentially, into several times; Look at the domestic securities companies, there are a number of securities companies in the first half of the profit of billions of yuan, sales grew into one hundred times, even one hundred times larger than a higher growth. For Gucci securities companies, as early as a few years is an industry-wide losses, now it overnight by pheasant into phoenix; For Gucci fund companies, its performance is don't know where heaven fell pie, in the first half of this year's profit has reached more than 3100 one hundred million yuan; Look at the domestic real estate enterprises in the first-tier cities housing prices under the condition of rapid surge, many real estate developers say money earn embarrassed. Its market value would have some real estate companies in Gucci Belt than the United States real estate builders. Which the enterprise achievements, relevant industry managers wages are also greatly improve replica ferragamo belt d. See peace in 2006, the boss and shenzhen development bank, the general manager's salary is high, the average person will feel in the heart is too high, how can a person's wages higher than domestic average citizens more than one thousand times? Wait a minute, in the first half of this year the record would be securities company's senior managers, fake ferragamo belt was broken by Gucci fund companies to fund managers. It is reported, in terms of the growth of the stock market this year, a lot of securities of the company's top management with many fund managers and senior managers, if early in accordance with the contract, their wages are also a lot of people going into ten million yuan of above wage earners. And just this year the stock market, securities, funds, and insurance industry this year, many of these financial institutions top managers are in the millions or even tens of millions of wage income class. As early as a few years we have been focusing on the real estate market for Volvo, this year is not only real estate rich but Gucci Belt's large financial institutions will be poured out. Of course, they will lower than with real estate developers.