replica ferragamo belt capital injection

The overflow of wealth flock to a few people in a short time. These are completely & other; Policy throughout the city &; Results, how the government not profoundly reflect on these policies, not modify and perfect the policy, then replica ferragamo belt's income distribution is not guild intensified. That's the problem. According to the report, the central huijin company (hereinafter referred to as huijin) plan to inject $40 billion into the agricultural bank of replica ferragamo belt, in order to start the agricultural bank share reform. The personage inside course of study thinks, the bank's financial restructuring, huijin will be responsible for the supplementary capital, assets loss may be borne by the central bank and the ministry of finance. From such a scheme, the bank reform is essentially took the boc, CCB, icbc reform mode, namely, replica ferragamo belt capital injection, the share reform, commercial, listing. But, after the message out, cheap ferragamo belts huijin to agricultural bank $40 billion, nor regulators to confirm. That is to say, the start of the reform of agricultural bank capital injection also in the offing. But, for now the pattern of replica ferragamo belt's financial markets, despite the recent stock market has grown, but the financing system dominated by Belts will not change much, base to say, in a long time, so the financing pattern of also won't have much change. Therefore, in terms of current replica ferragamo belt's financial reform, the reform of the banking is still the top priority. In three big state-owned Belts listed, ningbo and nanjing firm listed after the reform, the reform of agricultural bank started and other domestic cities of listed commercial Belts, the focus of the domestic banking sector reform is likely to be a successful future. While the start of reform of agricultural bank, it is the last bastion of conquering the reform of state-owned Belts. The success of its reform is not only beneficial to the whole of replica ferragamo belt's banking reform basis, is also the key of the success of the domestic financial reform. Therefore, the reform of agricultural bank started brewing, but in replica ferragamo belt's financial industry under the situation of rapid development and prosperity, cheap salvatore ferragamo belts the start of the agricultural bank reform is imperative. So why do agricultural bank reform has won't start? Where is the difficulties and focus of the reform of agricultural bank? Three big state-owned Belts reform experience which is available? Which is not available? All these problems is that we should think seriously about things. As I said many times, we will deepen reform of the state-owned Belts, the key lies in not only the change of its operation mechanism, is the state-owned Belts to function orientation, is to establish a new corporate culture and value standard, more important is to use what kind of way to clearly define the property right of state-owned Belts, through what way to define the property rights really works. In order to measure the three major state-owned Belts reform, we can see that a few years to three state-owned commercial Belts reform has achieved significant results. Such as preliminary established relatively standardized corporate governance structure, internal management and risk control ability, financial situation improved markedly, capital adequacy, asset quality and profitability indicators improved significantly. But these achievements obtained more attention on the size and quantity of expansion, the emphasis is the improvement on the financial statements, rather than from basics to reform the traditional state-owned Belts operating system. That is to say, the three big state-owned Belts reform pays attention to is the achievement of organization restructuring, the introduction of the system of rules, and not let the state-owned commercial Belts transition for the real modern commercial Belts, so as to make the state-owned commercial bank system of the heavy historical burden still need to resolve in the process of reform, at the same time, face new emerging issues that need to be adjusted in the process of reform. For example, that the reform of state-owned Belts in the market at the same time, the efficiency of financial resources in the industry and the regional configuration showed a trend of sustained focus; The original large state-owned Belts bank of monopoly pattern to further strengthen; Large-scale raise capital will cause a new round of credit expansion; The performance of the state-owned Belts more emphasis on the policy resources injection is not state-owned bank commercialization efforts and so on. And the three major state-owned Belts reform is a huge financial interest groups to promote, dominant, and the reform of the system design, so in order to maintain the interests of huge vested interests, they will further strengthen the government-led state-owned banking system to gather the function of social financial resources, and the financial resource allocation in the form of bank credit rationing to enter the industry or government hoped, and the national credit guarantee system of state-owned Belts can make the operation of the state-owned Belts income marketization or personal and let state-owned Belts operating costs of socialization. In this case, after the reform of state-owned Belts to set up a real modern commercial banking system is very difficult, on the contrary, they may become the government for financial resources leading to gather new ways.