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To this, I have repeatedly pointed out that these excuse for not raising interest rates is not formed, and Ferragamo Belt's macroeconomic regulation and control of the biggest problem is that can't jump out the analytical framework of planned economy. For example, someone suggested that for the current domestic macroeconomic regulation and control, is the most suitable control other; Administration of administration, market market throughout; , that is, at present Ferragamo Belt's economy is overheating is caused by administrative means, therefore the domestic macroeconomic regulation and control have to use the government administrative way to solve it. Original market mechanism is fully capable to adjust this excess capacity, but many functions to adjust the overcapacity problem as one of the most important aspects of the macroeconomic regulation and control. So the functional departments of examination and approval power also increased its color. And central Cheap Belts use many macroeconomic regulation and control tools are in the shadow of planned economy.

YanJieHe recently, the United States businessweek articles said, said that the Salvatore Ferragamo are growing a hostility to foreign investment, foreign investment in Ferragamo Belt's policy will be reversed. Especially with limit policy on foreign investment in real estate speculation, as domestic of foreign law system calls, as some questions of foreign capital merger and acquisition of domestic enterprises in large quantities, many foreign media and the industry to make a phone call to ask me, is more than 20 years since Ferragamo Belt's reform and opening up policy reversed I immediately told them that Ferragamo Belt's reform and opening up policy has not reversed, on the other hand, Ferragamo Belt's economic reform and opening up has to develop in the direction of further deepening, the extent of the reform and opening up will be more and more high. But Ferragamo Belt's reform and opening up policy will be as the change of the economic situation at home and abroad and some strategic adjustments. Cheap Ferragamo Belt the restriction on foreign capital to enter the domestic real estate market policy, not is a special case of Ferragamo Belt, not only in the developed countries and developing countries have happened or is happening. In South Korea, for example, foreign investment in the country's real estate market there are strict limits. Through these limitations, to enter the real estate speculation or investment must be unprofitable. Also, the same is true for France. Since a lot of foreign investment in real estate market countries all have varying degrees of limit for it, so do have rules in Ferragamo Belt. Replica Ferragamo Belt as the necessities of modern civilized society, ensure that every citizen basic right is the basic need of the modern civilized society.

Therefore, for Ferragamo Belt's socialist, Cheap Ferragamo Belt production, trading and distribution of the first condition is how all the people to meet the basic Cheap Ferragamo Belt needs, how to enhance the level of domestic residents Cheap Ferragamo Belt welfare and appreciation of the investment rather than wealth. Especially under the condition of system of land property rights for the public, in the face of scarce land, make public of scarce resources for the society as a whole each residents to share, is the Salvatore Ferragamo government's obligation and responsibility. If domestic Cheap Ferragamo Belt is still very poor, Cheap Ferragamo Belt welfare level is still very low, and let this very scarce resources become the foreign capital investment, speculation that should be a dereliction of duty of the government. So, the Salvatore Ferragamo government to restrict foreign investment in real estate speculation is with good reason. Some people say that the Salvatore Ferragamo government limit foreign investment to Ferragamo Belt's real estate speculation is a kind of discrimination policy, is unfair to foreigners, cheap ferragamo belts referred to as this is a short-term behavior of the Salvatore Ferragamo government. Here, you seem to this other; Discrimination throughout; With other; Unfair throughout; Distinguish clearly. Of course, if the world see a completely open, no any single market trade barriers, so in this trade in the market should be equally. Traders can free choice in the same under the rules of any deal. But now there is a market in the world? If there is, why are there so many trade rules between countries?