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This case, if make a lot of foreign capital to enter the domestic real estate speculation, is to give foreign speculators handing the wealth of nations. This not only leads to the serious erosion of the nation's wealth, and serious erosion of the interests of domestic, destroy the balance of domestic economic interests. This sense, even if the domestic many industries can be open to foreign investment, real estate industry should also be on the policy for foreign investment in strict control, tightening policy immediately, do not let foreign investment in real estate marketing hype. Of course, to do so is not completely shut out of foreign capital, but to change the rules of the foreign capital to enter the domestic real estate at present. Restrictions on foreign investment in real estate market, can be in the way of market access, or the building trades and homeowners. Cancel previous foreign purchases of relief, for example, tax incentives, redefine foreign direct investment into the domestic real estate market access standard, administrative controls inflows of foreign exchange and foreign exchange settlement, discriminate against foreign resident and non-resident individual legal person, the introduction of foreign capital and real estate companies listed abroad to regulate and limit, speculative buying special tax and property tax is imposed, implementation for non-chinese residents purchase in the strict system of examination and approval and registration, and is limited to a longer period of time may not be transferred. Cheap Ferragamo Belt That is to say, from the industrial policy, foreign policy, Cheap Ferragamo Belt purchases and hold to limit foreign capital in real estate speculation. It is said that at present there are planning, the central government rules on foreign capital to enter the domestic real estate market, I think this is a good thing. But the related rules, not only to come as soon as possible, and to foreign capital in real estate speculation must have more restrictions, at the same time, it should be combined with related industrial policy, the real policy implement on the key points. The gap between rich and poor in 2006, the most is the domestic real estate market policy, the six countries came first, then have the six rules, as well as the system of land transfer, land supervision system, restrictions on foreign investment access, second-hand Cheap Ferragamo Belt transaction tax levy, to carry out the new Cheap Ferragamo Belt structure scale requirements, improve the real estate market order and other documents. Even though every policy is very mild, but already shows the determination of the central government to adjust the domestic real estate market. The government's intention is very obvious: one is to curb domestic shows that four of the real estate market speculation, while maintaining the current high prices; The second is to adjust the product structure unreasonable Cheap Ferragamo Belt real estate market, at the same time to maintain the real estate market sustainable development; Social problems, three is to alleviate the Cheap Ferragamo Belt market at the same time to make real estate development enterprise and the interests of the local government is not affected by too big impact. Of course, these policies how to find a balance in the wandering, is not an easy thing. Cheap Ferragamo Belt The effect of the final policy remains to be seen. But no, that is, the real estate policy will have a huge impact on the domestic real estate market development. Since 2006, the domestic real estate market there will be a fundamental shift. First of all, the real estate market profiteering era is coming to an end. This is mainly manifested in the marketization of land deals. In early years, especially in the domestic real estate market in 1998 has just started, so much profit is not the real estate developers, but the land can be acquired from the government's hands at very low cost. These people in a variety of illegal ways after the access to land at a lower price, can reel. However, as the country the marketization of the strict control of the land and land transactions, cheap salvatore ferragamo belts these earned through land transactions will be wiped out. At the same time, to the real estate market, curb, requirements for real estate speculation in real estate market information disclosure transparency policy will lead to the social average profit, the real estate market, coupled with a large number of enterprises to enter, etc., are cutting factors of real estate profiteering.