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With the rise of civil society, public administration will become a modern society the most attention, and one of the most practical proposition. And the content of the public governance includes two aspects, on the one hand is the content of the public, it refers to people or citizens concerned about and share things, emphasizes the awareness of the public interest. On the one hand is the content of the governance, it emphasizes the mediation process of conflict and harmony of different interests. Has its characteristics, governance is not a complete set of rules, nor individual activities, but a process; Governance is the basis of coordination, rather than the control; Governance involves the public and private departments, and is not only the public sector; Governance is not a formal system arrangement but constant system rules established by the interaction. In traditional state-led management mode, high above the government's ruler, citizens are ruled, citizens can receive services provided by the government, but substantial participation is very limited. Under the mode of governance, citizens as stakeholders will directly and indirectly through many ways to participate in the democratic society management. Participants through a rational and in-depth discussions on public issues based on a decision by the government. From the perspective of citizenship, every one form of democratic participation through the answer the question, who is under the premise, through which model, through what way to do something? Therefore, public governance is concerned with the establishment of policy issues, develop, implement and supervision, and the various stakeholders involved in model, and "the tiger team" is using the advantages of its public media to create a stage for Versace Belt's public administration. In recent ten years, the Salvatore Versace have taken place in social and economic life in three aspects of fundamental shift. Replica Versace Sunglasses As a transformation from planned economy to market economy; From the social and economic life in the traditional social governance model to public governance mode; Third, the progress of modern science and technology have an enormous effect on political and social development. Changes and these changes not only affect the individuals material life, more important influence on citizenship and the right to explain, affect the concern of every citizen to the society. That is to say, these changes make people not only in the interests of the relationship between the major changes, also makes the interests of the relationship between individual and organization more and differentiation. And individuals will inevitably lead to the interests of the differentiation between different individuals in different Angle to the interest relations, maintain and strengthen its differentiation. For the ruling class and the social elite, they will be able to use its advantage of power and discourse, knowledge, to strengthen the rationality of the differentiation of the interests of, and even can be institutionalized way to robbing others and national interests. For the vast majority of people, lying in the weakness of discourse space, therefore, their right to appeal can improve through bit by bit. Because, for the vast majority of people, the right of appeal is often required by the progress of science and technology and the impact of political and social development. For example, hundreds of years of progress and popularization of science and technology to a certain extent, is gradually break the monopoly of power.