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And, if this kind of decentralized construction organization to succeed, so the current domestic many units to build will be much more than the decentralized organization advantage. But, why does the government have been collect money build time against domestic unit? Is their low efficiency, is that the financing building is not conducive to healthy development of domestic real estate market. Don't look at the wenzhou privately funded construction union sponsor tell everyone how they build up housing prices low, but both came up from theory and experience from individual to raise prices for a house to be superior to an effective real estate market is impossible. But the current domestic real estate market because of non-market makes the soaring house prices, causes low efficiency of domestic real estate. Therefore, to solve the problems of the domestic real estate market, is not how to encourage everyone to collect money to build, but to the comprehensive review of the current domestic real estate market development model, find the crux of the this kind of development mode, and suit the remedy to the case. The current domestic real estate market, as it were, why there are so many problems, may be the most important is the government's housing policy exists serious lack. And these missing despite government aware, but due to special interest groups, make effective policies to curb real estate market delays in launching. Such as a crackdown on real estate market malicious speculation, Cheap Ferragamo Belts a crackdown on real estate market price fixing problems such as flood due to the government's policy is not effective. Also, the wenzhou mode is to enter the market, access to land, to around in house prices could save cost, can reduce the prices by 30%. But the housing construction cycle of the product is a few years. If in such a cycle, surrounding the local prices are still rising or falling, then the personal financing cost saving for a house to be illuminated. If the current high prices is in full of wenzhou, the surrounding property prices continued to fall after the project construction, and even around the house prices have fallen below the 30% of the cost savings, so when the project completed, the cost savings may be zero or even negative. By that time, the price of this personal financing construction may be higher than the surrounding commercial housing prices in general. If this happens, the significance of personal financing construction. By then, the problems faced by the scattered alliance is big. And without a good legal system to protect, the interests of the disadvantaged people of the same will be severely infringed. In a word, personal financing to build what kind of new things, not the real estate market in Gucci have little vitality. From the scale effect of market division of professional, enterprise and organization of the transaction cost, it is not conform to the laws of the market. This is personal financing in developed market system construction is not able to common development. Personal financing, as it were, to build the wenzhou mode is a successful possibility is uncertain; 2 it is even likely to be successful, but such success is also cannot be copied, do not become a general. This is only a special case layout. Then, the domestic real estate market and the domestic some people why is of great interest to the building model, how many advantage lies not in the building model, but in the current domestic real estate exist a series of institutional defects caused by. As a result, many problems of domestic real estate ca Fake Gucci Belt n only, from the perspective of the radical reform of the system, built by the real estate market system perfect and residential industrialization standardization to solve. In recent years, with the domestic rapidly rising prices, the domestic most people have bee Replica Gucci Belts n unable to bear the burden of high housing prices. In this case, the buyers are people and that high prices of real estate developers, and the policy has no effect is always the policy, and can't truthfully report the media of information, the real estate market formed by the contradiction is more and more intensified. The real estate market also by an economic problems gradually in into social and political problems.