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Schumacher's successor is who first? Generally bullish on conversion conversion of kimi raikkonen and xabi alonso. How material, Hamilton was born, in his rookie season in the first nine F1 stand the podium, even win the RACES on the drivers' championship in the first place, overnight, kimi raikkonen and alonso has become the past, Hamilton firmly occupy the front pages of the world each big media and cover. On the other hand, two driver massa in the ferrari also from time to time with the substation champion no 2 announced the team, in the case of the car performance is almost the same as, Replica Gucci Belts the product of a number two driver as schumacher era will soon be in the history. Just two teams of four drivers in order to collide to the championship as well, both teams also duly dropped a bombshell, Cheap Gucci Belts espionage. F1 version of infernal affairs to call other people look very not enough, the members of the Gucci Belt Replica world council of racing in Paris had a second hearing espionage case, after the meeting to make the resolution of the McLaren is deducted at all points of the 2007 season, McLaren pay a $100 million fine, but keep the driver's personal points. Whether this decision is notarial events remains to be further development. But what is certain is that for the decision, the two teams were happy. Regardless of whether or not McLaren benefit from ferrari's confidential documents, sheet looks from the results of this punishment, McLaren is certainly the biggest loser, because they are equal to use a year to accompany prince reading, not only has to do with, also have to pay high with fee. Can't, can only say that McLaren immodesty of choose and employ persons, the protagonist coughlan was will become famous thousands of bones. Ferrari is satisfied with the result of the decision, as McLaren's penalty, they can be easily mounted on points at the top of their constructors' championship, but they are not just lost 780 pages of information, more let a person feel they are not on the pitch, outside the competition action, can predict they will get back was killed the Renault team championship title, but how much they victory for race win it not force feeling, perhaps ferrari fans will say that this is just to maintain the justice, but in formula one such highly commercial world, justice sometimes is not what I first think so simple. People say that the gate on fire, their composition. But Hamilton and alonso seems to also can steal to smile, with the result of such decisions because they still stay in the first two points. Especially for xabi alonso to defending, is from confessed his attitude to let him continue to retain the hope of the drivers' championship title. But have nothing McLaren for a ghost would think? Would also like the season to help him get good grades? I'm afraid not. The other is in danger, alonso someday will understand this truth. Compared with the change of the premier league team, kimi raikkonen and felipe massa's attitude to espionage is irrelevant, hung high, but espionage case decisions has a direct effect on them, but the result let them disappointed. They didn't get any benefits from case, because Hamil Fake Gucci Belt ton and alonso's integral preserved, they want to get the drivers' championship must also be on the track, and from the point of the table, under the condition of the remaining 4 station, respectively top Hamilton 18 points and 23 points behind kimi raikkonen and felipe massa has the title is very far away. Can say espionage has no real winner, F1 Belgium wars will be fought on the weekend, fake gucci belt don't know the hard-hit McLaren and ferrari of top will be how to deduce the last leg of Europe this season, pitch news will let spa circuit become the focus of http://www.wrdefenderfootball.com/ attention of the world. Someone's game has just begun, and someone has never end. Afternoon local time on August 28th, sevilla midfielder, Spain international Antonio puerta died in the hospital, only 22 years old, three days before he was in a sudden syncope in la liga match against getafe, was taken to hospital after being diagnosed with heart disease, after the rescue invalid heart stopped beating. The Cameroon international Vivian - f, Hungary international m kloes - the tragedy of him again upon the young spaniards. Was born on November 26, 1984 the puerta didn't wait until the 23rd birthday of his life. How to say? May be god to take away his. I wish there are football in heaven, so young soul won't be lonely. Puerta's death made me think Liverpool dynasty founder shankly said: football is not between life and death, but it is more important than that. As fallen puerta's silence on the football field. Most can express in Gucci Belt women's football Replica Gucci opening game 3-2 win over Denmark after the words of the mood is appreciated. Thank the Gucci Belt women's team to bring people joy, on the one hand Gucci Belt football too need a victory, and the victory is in the Replica Gucci;