No cross-border operation

objectively speaking, our children's children's films and those of Hollywood blockbusters there is a considerable gap in many ways. while its publicity, distribution and other aspects of the link there are also many defects, difficult for parents and children to understand the characteristics of the film, it is difficult to get them interested, while the the Magic Gourd really been sincere welcome a child, you can also compete with other large overseas short-long, indeed an excellent start. Magic Gourd can be said to be the result of global cooperation, the Walt Disney Company and the Replica Belt Film Group jointly invested by Hong Kong's Centro produced. classics this fifties Replica Belt children's literature in such the new order of global cooperation in the new work. original of this work is the later works great writer Zhang Tianyi, published in 1957 after 1-4 of the People's Literature on the sensational, ever let several generations favorite I remember when I was little read this work, and that was after the Cultural Revolution, that the book is not a cover, a corner has been turned afford books, but also all of a sudden I was fascinated. It was the era of a material deprivation, Gourd provide all kinds of consumer goods to the ultra-powerful ability to really have a strong appeal. Wang Bao adventure does have its charms, but the theme of education, of course, when the last end so I think it is inevitable and undisputed, but still feel a little melancholy. Fake Gucci Belt Gourd can not tell what is big and evil, and finally simply as a sinner was too negative, this is the name of the deep imprint of an era, when I felt a little confused. Today's adaptation yet this story of the past from local universalized, adapted to make this work more responsive to children's psychological and feel. It is the singular charm of visual play to the extreme, let us see a richer and more content than fiction fantasy image of the simple indoctrination into a new kind of rich content. Me anwhile, Wang Bao and Bao gourd relationship complicated, both showed a significant defect of the Magic Gourd material needs, but also the performance of the complex emotional connection between him and the Magic Gourd. This shows a greater focus on the balance of entertainment and enlightenment, with more emphasis on the film's fun and happy to meet. On the one hand in terms of feel, but also to adapt to the concept of children's fun moment. On the other hand did not imagine the wishes of the child and simplistic, but the performance of a richer emotional. Such cooperation is no doubt that both the global activation of the classics, but also provides a new space for imagination. It can be said that the experience of a new global localization, that is, through international cooperation, local cultural resources will be converted to today's new cultural products. No cross-border operation, it is difficult to adapt to the new era of interest in affluent children; no classic content, it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of mainstream society. The Magic Gourd is to seize the child's psychological and successful conduct of the global localization efforts.