Stereotypes are often

Stereotypes are often being deliberately misled at the same time, someone is bound to be alert for the public psychology meet to achieve a certain purpose, make full and objective information is difficult to convey to the people in the middle. Although our opinion air hyperactive, but it can often be a kind of preconceived mindset have, in fact often leave the truth has a great distance. Who ended up being a people person, whose high brownie points, who is more intense and himself, who becomes the embodiment of justice and conscience, and exactly how well does the fact that no one concern, even in someone put forward the irrefutable evidence of facts are also reluctant to believe in. Preconceived ethos does not conducive to the public to understand and analyze things. How to transcend preconceptions public opinion atmosphere, you first need to press for the fact that various objective thinking and balanced coverage of all sides. Secondly, in terms of education and culture also need us a simplification of form and anxious emotional thinking. Our perception of things will be more sober and sensible. Recently, the cultural industry and cultural consciousness, everyone is talking about the historic opportunity brought by the development of cultural industry. In many parts of the government and the folk are aware of the cultural industry for the development of great significance. Many of the recent experience makes us feel the local culture resources of special significance. The other day to tianshui to attend traditional culture and modern workshop on both sides of the strait, conference, Taiwan politician Mr RaoYingJi words impressed me, he spoke of the impact of 798, already has made the place a traveler from overseas will go to Replica Belt. Travelers after going to the Great Wall, eating roast duck, one more project in Replica Belt. This let me the Peking man felt a little proud. 798 strengths is not on the traditional Replica Belt culture to carry forward, although Replica Belt has a very rich ancient cultural accumulation. 798 is the '50 s successful flip and embezzlement of industrial heritage. From the introduction of the east campus into cultural consumption of new space under the background of globalization today, the change is filled with vitality and energy to create. 798 examples of actually and three on the bund in Shanghai is a little bit closer to success. Examples of lijiang also and it is very close to, it is the result of the creative transformation of ancient culture. Where success seems to be a consistent place: they are their own original local resources success calls, make it in under the background of globalization, there are new possibilities and vitality. Actually many successful example we see today are such background. In fact this is almost a common phenomenon in the new globalization. Some scholars pointed out that since the late 20th century, with the globalization process and the high-speed growth of the global economy, a new economic form begin to emerge. This is the strong demand for the particularity of culture. This makes the cultural particularity of the consumer has become an important industry. Local cultural characteristics have proud of is not only a place itself a source of identity, and it is a kind of global localization of new dual opportunity of economy and culture. Originally very remote places, such as lijiang because of its unique traditions and culture provided the rich cultural resources, can become the new global a space of cultu ral and economic value, thus stimulating local economic and social development. 798 examples, it shows in the new city construc tion, the original industrial era, of course, have no in the giant cities of manufacturing development power and possibilities, Replica Gucci Belts but it left behind by the unique space form can provide valuable space for a new cultural industry, manufacturing production of the end of the original purpose of industrial space, but let it become a valuable cultural resources.