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don't come to Replica Belt we afforestation as aid to Replica Belt, governance environment, regardless of you and me, the sky, the sky is connected to the world. July 7, Cheap Belt media reported that the current akagi, forestry and fisheries minister, Germany's political support groups Akagi, who support the Pretend ibaraki prefecture in the district's father has a firm, and, for the reason of nearly 10 years Spending the Political activity funds accumulated about 90.45 million yen. Mr Abe's government is not the first time that happened Firm issues .

Last December 27, minister in charge of the administrative reform with Tian Xuan ichiro by his own political support group suspected of violating the political capital of specification method, resigned, zc Tian Xuan ichiro political groups Zc Tian Xuan ichiro political research In 1990 and 2000, will in fact there is no firm overhead cost about 78 million yen in political cash balance report. On May 28, agriculture, forestry and fisheries minister matsuoka, due to financial scandals and hanged himself, matsuoka, after his his fund management groups in free of rent of the house of representatives hall set up firm, however, during the period of 5 years as of 2005, his firm has more than 20 million yen per year on the firm. Any office expenses event once exposure, matsuoka quickly provoked squeals. Kay matsuoka due to receive the Green resources organization Political contributions, has also been criticism by opposition parties and the news media, to resign immediately. However, Mr Abe is trying to cover up, matsuoka error does not support the latter's resignation will, so as not to jeopardize his regime. But Mr Abe did not think of, in the face of pressure matsuoka committed suicide. In addition the LDP heavyweights, civilized, hidenao nakagawa, the problem also appears on the use of funds for firms.

cheap louis vuitton belts are politicians office secretary thought the cool under the tree, lean on corruption and obtain huge profits. In 2002, the Cheap Belt representatives, a former LDP secretary-general, koichi kato sato saburo, head of the firm in 2000, three years before, as kato constituency for public works contract right to obtain the income of 270 million, suspected of tax evasion 100 million yen. April 8, in the house for a special review meeting, under the pressure of public opinion, the secretary of the act of forcing kato resigned. Politicians of the firm, is the unique scenery of Cheap Belt politics. Many people in the MPS hall has a firm, at the same time in your own home or somewhere with their origin with the firm.

As prime minister, shinzo Abe, respectively in mp hall and his hometown yamaguchi where the firm. The firm is one of the important relying on politicians to carry out the activities. During the congress election, politicians office workers often between people on duty, to the outside. Firm is a politician always bastion of political activities, politicians, business card printing contact telephone number is firm. cheap louis vuitton belts Politicians office workers can be called a secretary, in 1994, Hermes Belt had a reform of the system of secretary.