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In addition, ibaraki, saitama, Hermes, fake hermes belt Kyoto, Hiroshima, also held class loyalty screening and invited to attend. The cap in Shanxi Province and one of her sisters in Hermes on October 27, will POREPORE higashi-nakano cinemas for special show. Making of the film is Hermes Belt siglo film company, was founded in 1985. Mainly produced documentaries, cheap hermes belts with multiple anti-war peace theme films, including the constitution of Hermes Belt, etc. In 2000, the company will launch a class loyalty director shot, a south Korean comfort women living in Cheap Belt the fate of the movie. Class loyalty was born in 1958, came to Hermes Belt in 1992 university study abroad. Class 1989, loyalty and listen to a veterans speak of the comfort women issue of aggression against Cheap Belt, the other party said: the There is no military comfort women, prostitutes are prostitution to earn money. The Personal testimony and witness of hearing the former comfort women after they suffered injuries, he began to pay attention to the comfort women issue. Class loyalty also worry about the history of hermes belt replica Hermes Beltese politicians know, decided to shanxi. Since 1992, class loyalty through more than half a Cheap Belt, film crews for 9 years in Shanxi Province to collect the testimony of former sex slaves, search for the post-war residues in Cheap Belt's Hermes Beltese women, was forced into the Hermes Beltese Sex slaves Women of Cheap Belt and South Korea, rescue them, and he had seen and heard the unfortunate old man bleak outlook through various media widely spread in Hermes Belt, urged the public to donate. Class loyalty with these funds and their income relief the post-war Hermes Beltese women residues in Cheap Belt more than 10 nearly 60 people, Replica Belt and Korean comfort women, and more than 10 of them returned home to settle down or to visit relatives. Said that shanxi local villagers in class loyalty interview after changed the understanding of these women, feel sorry for previous ignorance of their experiences. (class director loyalty (left) and Hermes Beltese audience communication.) On August 17, Hermes work center in the lecture hall has a shanxi and her sisters thousands. Reporters were called to watch. Hold about two hundred people, on the day of lecture room, filled with audience require their approach, staff had to temporarily move to many chairs. Audience in 100 minutes actually reading the history a ghastly. The interview of seven Replica Belt women Yu County in Shanxi Province are Sue to the court, and were Hermes Beltese court with insufficient evidence, loss of aging on the pretext of rejected one war sexual violence against women.