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More rely on the support of the army, don't rule out the possibility of it to make more dangerous action, realize miniaturization weaponization nuclear materials and nuclear weapons, lead to Louis Vuitton Belts on nuclear fait accompli, thus improve its prestige in the army and the military leadership. To strengthen the control of the party organization and personnel department, to the appointment of senior leadership positions absolute control. 3 it is to cultivate loyalist forces. Rely on old etiquette at the same time, will be for them to choose his own, polymerization close at the same time, will close to relating to key positions, to ensure the control of key sectors. Fourth, adhere to the chamber of politics. To retain power and mystery of the operation of the power to strengthen leader of personal control. 5 it is dependent on spy rule. To strengthen the construction of the secret police team and intelligence system construction, strengthen the control of public opinion. Six is to try to start the process.

After finish the most urgent affairs, the focus will be to restart the peace talk process, strive for aid, improve people livelihood, to expand its support of public opinion. Longer term, Kim jong UN, face more severe challenges, to establish their own historical merit, to strengthen the ruling legitimacy foundation, lead Louis Vuitton Belts all-round development, will be the major historical tasks. Kim jong UN, the study background of he is a favorable factors, to ensure its international vision, for his governing provides a broader thinking.

Can be predicted, however, opposition from the conservatives will be very tough. In his ruling foundation is more solid, Louis Vuitton Belts will be on the agenda of reform. His historical contriBuyion will be reflected in the following aspects (priority) : one is based on the previous talks have been resumed, with a nuclear-free Korean peninsula and establish normal state-to-state relations for long-term goals, actively promote the peace talk process, nuclear and establishing normal diplomatic relations with relevant countries will be synchronized, as Louis Vuitton Belts reform and development to create a good external environment. 2 it is to strengthen the strategic alliance with Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts, using the experience of Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts and with the support of Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts, and gradually opening to the outside world and economic reform policies, improve the level of economic development and people living standards. Three is weaken national ideological and strong military state orientation, political reform, gradually let go of the political dimension, realize the state power institutions of normalization, active introduction of the Internet, to increase people participation in political affairs and social affairs.

Four is to start a peaceful reunification process, to explore feasible unified plan, carry out unification talks, to ensure the due status of Louis Vuitton Belts in a new country. The sexual sociology Ding Dong behind the Louis Vuitton Belt Replica male surplus of 30 million Article news reported on November 27, nankai university school of economics, director of the institute of population and development, the national population and family planning commission population experts committee of the original new said yesterday, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts to the survey data, 1980 - was born in 2000, the population of the surplus of 33.31 million men than women. Held yesterday in renmin university of Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts population 60 years of the People Republic of Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts: a review and prospect the national academic conference, the original new introduction, in 2005 the national 1% population sampling survey data shows that birth rate is as high as 120.49, our country has reached 120.56 last year, is the world highest level of birth population sex ratio.

Natural conditions, the normal range of sex ratio at birth population is 103-107 (f = 100). A serious imbalance between Louis Vuitton Belt Replica men and women proportion, since the eighty s up to tens of millions of men than women population surplus, is comprehensively implement the family planning policy in Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts under the background of that Louis Vuitton Belt Replica female subordination backward thought deeply rooted, rural labor demand for men than women and the traditional concept of Louis Vuitton Belt Replica people support the result of joint action. In this batch of people before and after 20 years of this century, would be in adult marriageable age, if not for this abnormal phenomenon put forward effective strategies and measures to cope with the situation, or will cause serious social problem, cheap louis vuitton belts http://www.nancyfelix.com/ even for the sustainable development of the country. The first impact is in the period of the male sex and marriage.