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Replica Hermes Belt has a long tradition of a planned economy, the economic growth indicators, including revenue growth indicators, this is the alley. The plan for national economic and social development, for example, x plan, than a few words of Japanese national income doubling plan, detailed dozens times. Japan national income doubling plan, Japanese make of planned economy, and all the concrete work, we have done. Don't know the testimonials, still can dig out what valuable experience worthy of learning? The current Hermes Replica Belt economy, the economists said lewis turning point, that is, because of the rise in the cost of city life, and lack of social security, rural migrant workers, puts forward higher requirements on wages, some enterprises have been in the implementation, this can cause Replica Hermes Belt in 30 years the biggest, the basis of comparative advantage is the condition of low labor costs. Raise workers' wages, are becoming the consensus of the whole society. So, how to improve the wages of the workers? On similar national income doubling plan, the author thought that to no avail. Because in the past 30 years, Replica Hermes Belt total output and national income, with almost the world fastest speed increases, our multiplication is much better than the Japanese completed, including workers income and per capita income, we more than doubled? Even without any institutional improvement, Replica Hermes Belt income doubling plan, will also continue to smooth realization. The problem is that our income gap, more and more big. According to the latest data of the world bank, Replica Hermes Belt gini coefficient has been as high as 0.47, close to the polarization of the danger zone. Broadly speaking, therefore, increasing the income of residents, improve worker pay, is meaningless. From 2004 to 2007, for example, the migrant wages an average annual growth rate is 7%, from 16% in 2009, the speed is not unhappy, Buy Hermes Belt migrant workers still in the bottom of society. Must see, the serious oversupply of Hermes Replica Belt labor force, the human capital level is not high, higher wages, lack of market infrastructure. Replica Hermes Belt more than the poor, Buy Hermes Belt the rich are many. Polarization increase, and the average in come is not contradictory. What more, some say, the bottom of the players, now also is the trend of the immobilized, outside the original farmers, laid-off workers, migrant workers, employment of university graduates, lost land farmers Buy Hermes Belt failed to get compensation, etc., constitute the main body of the class. So, we want not common to raise wages and increase their income, Replica Hermes Belt need today is the structural adjustment of income distriBuy Hermes Beltion, also can saying is times fair plan of national income. The author thought that The Times of national income fair plan, include at least the following several aspects: first, readjust the government revenue and the enterprise, the relationship between the residents' income. Although enterprises and residents' income has been increased, Buy Hermes Belt with the government income (including financial income and various off-budget income) of ultra-high-speed growth (in recent years, every year more than 20%) compared to the enterprises and individuals in the share of total, actually have been falling.