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These are all common persons such as the end of the world's idea, like the political things far away from the end of the world and others are, but the end of the world and also hope this on both sides to achieve a unified earlier. Conscience in society still can see? Conscience is what things? Conscience is not something, but conscience is everyone should have, no matter you are a noble people, or the common persons, if lost conscience, its behavior is closer to the beast. Speaking of conscience may someone smile, conscience value a few money? Naturally, the end of the world in the face of such problems, is also unable to answer, conscience, it can be worthless, but also can saying is priceless. A person of good and evil from have conscience can tell! Tianya comrade had seen such a fable, a young man from the kingdom of England in a bird's nest, dao is broken at first, for he is not, some think it is he should do. However, when he saw the birds fly back to hover in the surrounding mournful's calls, his conscience found, but is already enough in the course, the lessons and remain in his heart, until he was dead. Apparently after the young man saw the bird nowhere to hide, conscience has been bears the blame. May be for real, conscience refuse of many in the population. Businesses have lost the conscience, on to the consumer; Corrupt officials have lost the conscience, to the common persons; When people with conscience, have to silent sigh society has no conscience. Because they simply don't know who can throw it to the conscience again. So, the end of the world often see conscience from the common persons, and those on high power, most of the conscience has been thrown outside the cloud nine. Someone to talk in front of conscience, but don't really know his own conscience, such as some units at the meeting, part of the leadership, the voice is very loud, but few of them go to line. It seems like such people seems to be true that one thing, but if one day, when you close to him, then will find also is only emptiness. Nowadays people do all kinds of things are brighter than ever, but conscience gradually away from the people far away, perhaps this is unique to The Times of this era. Children accept education since childhood, all kinds of knowledge, aoge.dk but I don't know where have put conscience, this may say is another failure of education. At an early age, and have not yet learned to talk, and then began to know life smooth. Without the original naive, www.aoge.dk in this turbid world, their precocious, but not strong, but fragile, touched the small setbacks, began to doubt the whole world. Our society in the booming, but found that the conscience of things from the life more and more far, conscience, don't know when to be abandoned, in other words, may be no longer suitable for survival in this age, even if the end of the world's mouth shouted: conscience, quick return. Obviously is just empty talk, http://www.aoge.dk/ nonsense! Everyday we see some have power, but morally bankrupt, as far as hard common persons in the gentleman's population is bound to lambaste These people's conscience, where the .