The investigation

Previously, Liu Zhijun case also did not mention the matter at trial. Ding book seedlings unspoken rules regarding himself categorically denied, said he is also a woman, will not make this kind of thing. Previously, Liu Zhijun for accepting bribes, abuse of power, was sentenced to death with reprieve. Liu Zhijun corruption in the various stories, rumors about the actress Liu Zhijun Observations more. Buy Replica Designer Belts in terms of the discipline inspection commission notification, and the trial court, he did not mention directly to the matter. In the current high-pressure anti-corruption situation, adultery has become almost a problem with the official body of high-frequency words, and accompanied by huge bribes involving plot.

According to official media depicted adultery chart shows, this year in the Central Discipline Inspection Commission briefing discipline, more than 30 officials sacked for adultery have been notified, including Tie new, Tan Li, Shen Peiping, Mao Xiaobing, Yang Baohua, Yang Gang, Ji Wenlin, Yu Gang 8 provincial and ministerial level officials. In particular ZHANG Xiu-ping, SOUTHERN two female corrupt officials were first notified adultery with others. Cheap Designer Belt Online Sale, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission in the disciplinary investigation of Liu Zhijun briefing, referred to the problem of moral hazard.

The investigation, Liu Zhijun abuse help Beijing Bo Yu, chairman of the investment management company for huge illegal profits, causing heavy economic losses and adverse social impact; others accepting huge bribes and valuables; immorality; for serious corruption railway system negative There are major leadership responsibilities. So, what is involved moral turpitude? Adultery, or Observations about, or womanizing, and so, it seems that the lack of detailed, specific instructions.

At least in the case and Liu Zhijun Ding book seedlings, it did not relate to or not. If not Piaosu actress, it should be made clear in a statement, the relevant personnel in order to avoid reputational damage and resolutely crack down on rumor mongers. If you have this problem, they should inform as adultery, as even a possible problem Transaction of the power and corruption, unequivocally dealt with, must not be soft, and truly reflects strict discipline on the seriousness of the law of the land. December 18 afternoon, the girls were playing Hwang mother escorted to the police station east of the city. 22 o'clock that night, all the people involved were brought back to the police station investigation according to law.

FAN those involved recognize she speaks ill of suspected behind Hwang, Hwang called more than a minor assault, the victim's clothes and forced to strip to shoot video spread illegal facts classmates Circle. In view of the alleged assault insulting staff are minors, Fogang police has instructed the parents and the school back to strict discipline. Cases like this were frequently exposed, Buy Replica Designer Belts also means a more than a violent nature than a bad. December 21, Tencent microblogging users broke the news that a woman in Sichuan Yibin cold winter night a number of women being beaten, stripped naked while filming nude. 22 afternoon, Cuiping Jinsha River Road police station, said the news staff of emotion, there is no correlation found in the matter of the report, said the beating incident, if the circumstances are not particularly serious, it will focus on education.