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Is completely determined by the market? However, those who have been obsessed with the hand of the government, perhaps eventually the understand market is not everything. There's mastercard & Buy Designer Belts the government also is not everything. Today's housing market has reached the point where they must turn back. On the contrary, from the perspective of the frequently to cancel the purchase of some places, it will only accelerate the housing market crash. First, so eagerly to cancel the purchase, just send a signal to the market, that is something wrong with the city's housing market, and is a big problem.

Otherwise why so. This will, of course, to the market to more wait-and-see, think at this point in the market will be more risky. Secondly, several local rescue, strength is too small. I'm afraid is difficult to shake the market downturn and sad. Bulging in the housing market, more thanks to 4 trillion, Buy Designer Belts today there is such a size? Even if some local launched ambitious investment plans, Buy Designer Belts where is the money? I'm afraid more or planning and hot air.

Third, the central anti-corruption, reform continued strength, like a dozen tiger take fly all climax, commission for discipline inspection rounds gradually into the norm, real estate registration step approximation, real estate tax will fall to the ground, and so on. Obviously has already put the property market is no longer a hype, a paradise for investment, who also silly in tied up again? This is not only economic loss, Buy Designer Belts also may be the political confusion. So just need alone, http://www.mygirlfridayva.com/ is can't afford to support the past era of huge profits, and should be returned to the rational era.

Fourthly, the age of the Internet the subversion of traditional industry innovation, the new industrial revolution has come. The traditional industry, rely on means, such as monopoly, information closed has been inappropriate. Therefore, for the real estate industry, in addition to adapt to this era, accelerate the transformation of, no matter what. Have been millet lei jun bet with the real estate industry, if the Internet is thought to operate the real estate industry, can let a house prices fell by half, who said it must be true? The department to avoid violations provincial official mean? Yesterday, the department said in a news release, Zhang Tianxin for alleged violations, the central has recently of yunnan provincial party committee standing committee, member of the post.

Preliminary statistics, Zhang Tianxin since this year the second party is not notified, Buy Designer Belts the department announced the removal of provincial officials, after a Jiang Xiyuan provincial party committee standing committee zhi-yong zhao. (Replica Designer Belts, July 13, 2014) with the policy after many senior officials, the same surveyed Zhang Tianxin was removed three days before, also in the normal work. 9 local reports, it is still working in the research of urban construction.