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In the first round of the patrol, wang also stressed the patrol team construction, requirement While the iron is hot still need their own hard . Tour leader also change Iron hat For life, but Once a authorization . No accountability for the mentioned problem. The last one, is more emphasis on the achievement of touring the use of the problem. Wang said that Question classification disposal of patrol found violations of clues to report the central commission for discipline inspection, the candidates on problems of choose and employ persons to be handed over to the central organization department, inspect the result to be touring area and unit party organization feedback, reinforced division. Gucci Belt For Sale This is a clear statement, but also a powerful deterrent. http://www.secondnaturecanvas.com/ Suggests that the determination and the will of the anti-corruption, shoot tigers, cheap gucci belts hit the fly's head has been proceed, this also is to let all officials understand that a new round of fighting corruption is serious, is not ambiguous, don't have any chances.

At the same time this also is to let the general public that is also a positive response to the expectation, patrol not playacting, the effect of the tour is also be reckoned. Recently, the central discipline inspection commission started to carry out the "about the style of the provisions of the responsibility system for the cultivation of clean government" of the evaluation of the legislation.

This is the central discipline inspection commission to carry out the party's eighteen big proposed other Using the rule of law thinking and way of the rule of law Against corruption and other Expand the approaches of orderly people's participation in legislation Requirements, further perfect the style of the cultivation of clean government accountability. (jinghua times 2013-10-16) refers to the implementation of laws and regulations and legislation assessment after a period of time, Gucci Belt Cheap to certain standards and procedures, the text quality, effects of the laws and regulations to make quantitative analysis and qualitative evaluation activities. Currently, anti-corruption is our party's survival, the understanding of the central authorities have clear enough, gucci belt cheap is also frequently made of various deployment. Since xi xin-zheng li, successively in Rectification , other The tiger flies to play , other Throughout the central inspection group ;

As the main content and launched a series of measures, attitude clear, punished resolutely, practice Mainly treats the symptoms, to win time for cure Anti-corruption is proposed. Eight rules , other The mass line throughout rectification activities ; , other The central tour , some are corrupt officials to lok ma, dares to against perpetrators were punished, a barometer of some industry reflects the so gucci belt replica ul of the party's anti-corruption preliminary results, Catering , other Entertainment , other fake gucci belts Moon cakes , other A crab And so on, all feel the winter chill ahead of time. Although gave a high evaluation for this, but people are still worried about, because of the lack of enough system cage, such effect, I'm afraid not endure, under the spotlight, high pressure, may be up there for a while, but not necessarily can solve the fundamental problem from the institutional, ideological. http://www.tillermantea.com/