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To guide and promote, supervise and urge the central about major changes in the organization implementation of policies and measures. Comprehensively deepen reform in 2014 is about to enter the start of the implementation, the central finally officially deepening reform leading group, and by xi coalesced, indicates that comprehensively deepen reform entered a new stage, starting a new brand new period. From reforms, in recent years, for the first time by the general secretary of the party's leadership team leader, meaningful, is worth looking forward to, what signal passed?

First of all, the next seven years, the reform will become Replica Gucci Belt's main melody, the main task, the status of the reform is very important.

The next seven years, Replica Gucci Belt is facing a lot of the tasks, is also quite heavy, but in all of the tasks and work, the reform should be a top priority, this is beyond doubt. Over the years, we have always been committed to development, reform and stability, but often development, stable, all want to focus on the reform, and even in some aspects of the reform in the stagnant situation, the future for a period of time, fake gucci belt this situation will be changed, the reform will become the center of a very important work, not only for the central, and the same about the place. Second, show the firm attitude of the central dare to break through the pat gucci belt tern of interests, as well as the leader for determination and confidence. At present, the reform has entered into deep waters, the reform is difficult and hard.

Current curing has formed a pattern of interests, the interests of the various departments and local interests, industry formation Throughout the ice . To find a breakthrough for the development of reform, change the status quo, needs to promote the party's main leaders. And on the premise of general secretary group leader, the party chief leader also needs to grasp the reform of the government, this to promote the reform of the place is also very necessary. Also suggests that the reform will become the top priority, head of the party committee at all levels must take the responsibility. There is a big action again, also shows that political reform. Is by the general secretary to push through reforms that will have a great future reform in political movements, cheap gucci belts so as to change the past relatively unilateral economic system reform, through the political reform, to ensure the effective implementation of the economic system reform.

Finally, it shows that the future reform will highlight the role of the top-level design. According to the experts, which fully proved that the reform by feeling the stones acros s the river to the top-level design of critical moment. At the same time, it also highlights the plight of the reform of, to break through the bottleneck of reform, to overcome the reform circumfluence of stagnation, the worry, is very active. In recent years, local also in reform, also made some achievements, but due to lack of top-level design, often some reforms and midway abortion, especially some of the political system reform. Hefei citizens what can without intrusion haze? The realization of the rights of the cross-regional migration, settlement of social security?