is still hot

's arrival, I again to see the weather forecast, when he saw the likely affect hunan chenzhou area again, I feel so pain, just pain nanling region of the people, and to accept the test of the typhoon, and we are here, Buy Gucci Belt calls for the arrival of the typhoon, are several glad several sorrow, hopefully mei of the disaster, no longer just for cooling in hot summer. I like coastal original, you can see the beautiful sea, can take a bath in the seaside, you can see the people in the world come and go, you can see at the great... I also like mountain, castle peak green water, guifushengong, cloud, like a fairyland. Because there is a typhoon, now the people are often panic in the sea, often face the risk of death; In the mountains of people often chilling cold, shaken, flash floods, landslides, instantly swallowed your beautiful home. Now I like my hometown, here is safer, more beautiful, more calm. The endless golden, the rape is in bloom; The sky under the golden, that is a sign of mature rice; Swimming in the ocean of snow, that is cotton in bloom; The cold winter also is green eyeful, the wheat is tenacious grew up.

Want to praise the picturesque four seasons, Buy Gucci Belt my vocabulary is always pale. Who is the real poet of this season, is our food and clothing parents, farmers! Is the four seasons with sweat them! Are they describe the four seasons with hands! They although there is no fancy words, Buy Gucci Belt their actions are great! Although it is the color like dirt, they describe the world the most beautiful scenery! See the color of the plain to see this beautiful four seasons, why am I always excited, because I am a farmer's son!

Today I got a divorce, holding the judgment of the court is sadness or pain full brain blank without any thoughts today I divorced bitter marriage finally stop my life from now on quiet my life once again today, I got divorced my marriage is beginning to even wrong tolerance Buy Gucci Belt you betray me many times today I feel shame I divorce I still want to bless you let him like I love you and let you to pursue the new happiness today I got a divorce, let my son be hurt let you understand your parents Buy Gucci Belt I will give you the most sincere care today, I got divorced my life although my smiling face no choice Buy Gucci Belt still hanging in the face Buy Gucci Belt in my heart like a knife to cut today, I got divorced I hope we don't become strangers I hope we are still good friends because we are sons of parents today I left the court divorced staggered gate hot summer is still hot, the street people have rushed to the whole world is noisy, the Afghan war didn't stop; 9.11 the explosion shock; Then the Iraq war.

Madrid bombings to horrible; How many children lose beslan school; A massive explosion at the London underground; Chechnya upheaval happen every day... Terrorism more against the terror, the world no one day rest. The world is a madhouse: power hegemony war. Americans are too hateful, it doesn't make the world: capture small general; Will be captured saddam hussein in the hole; In prison, poor slobodan milosevic, swallowed their anger allowed any rest; Today said Iran is a rogue; Tomorrow say north Korea too impulsive...

The world is a madhouse: Africa is too poor, food diseases cluster; The tsunami earthquake here today and tomorrow there to lose; I accuse you of stealing information today, tomorrow you accused me of being too unfair; The israeli-palestinian conflict is intense, Lebanon war happen again; Just calm SARS, bird flu appeared variant... The world is a madhouse: price of oil is rising every day; Today is the Anti-Japanese War to the end, tomorrow is anti-war demonstrations; Today is the national division, tomorrow is a national merger; Today is against environmental pollution and economic illiter acy is tomorrow; Today we are strategic partner, tomorrow we be enemies... When will the whole world is your worry, can have peace? Perhaps only humans are destroyed, can only be peaceful world! Will save thousands of old, young, too. Ambition comparable to the thousand miles, ten years don't know where you.