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surrender of qing gao jie men breaking into risk BiJiang in chaos, snatched the small wan dong, gao jie to curry favor with the qing dynasty, they dedicated small wan dong to seduction on the plains, seduction on the plains seen small wan dong beauty, dare not for private use, to the emperor shunzhi, from now on, in the palace of shunzhi and natural make-up without color. For this matter, big poet wu meicun wrote a poem: comb manage cloud not makeup floor, to the best of chamber in transition. Twinkle and gold hair pin, muddy, gaos thought military forces in yangzhou. In the qing dynasty palace, never allowed the han nationality women into the palace, and emperor shunzhi to can not only has a small wan dong, will not cause inside and outside the court, will give small wan dong surname is dong hubei's.

This comes from technique to cover his eyes and ears, of course, Buy Gucci Belt dare not take BiJiang against the emperor, out of respect for life, he said small dong wan long illness. The beauty of princess of hubei dong, exact fulin, shunzhi too single-minded to her heart, so that only the dong hubei princess in his eyes, and there is no other man. After the death of princess of hubei dong fulin also subsequently and the heart to, the tea rice don't think all day, his eyes are glazed, plunged into grief, www.karolionline.com three months later, the emperor shunzhi in for years under the age of 24, the heart is like dead, without attachment to the world, already a monk, resolutely to wutai mountain. Although queen mother and the minister repeatedly discouraged, Buy Gucci Belt the hero more affectionate, although there is no thanks friend to death, Buy Gucci Belt, http://www.karolionline.com/ since then spend the rest of their lives under an oil lamp before the statue of Buddha, so it serves to show fulin how deep it is.

Shunzhi ran away from home, ignore the qing jiangshan, make fluctuation in utter amazement, qing in order not to cause the criticism of the world, they had to hurry announced: the emperor shunzhi died. Buy Gucci Belt, this kind of deception can only succeed in one's scheme for sometime, soon, the world is spread open qing emperor to a woman cut the story of a monk.

Have been to this. After qing SAN ZuKangXi leading, citing pilgrimages, once many times to wutai mountain to see shunzhi, hope to back to the palace, the emperor shunzhi, however, fulin unmoved, to the Buddha, knocked on the wooden fish, seems to be missing in the dong hubei princess in the kingdom of heaven, still immersed in yesterday's love. Cigarette smoke, unfortunately, fulin spent his life in this silent thoughts... The sun wukong in the journey to the west in the heaven, thou art taken with the jade emperor, the jade emperor tried all karolionline.com ways, and even put the Monkey King in the too old gentleman on oven burning forty-nine days, Buy Gucci Belt the Monkey King is can't kill, dozen deathless, burn the undead, hungry deathless. Finally, the Buddha Buddha will also he pressure in five lines of mountain 500 die.

Why is this? Is the Monkey King is the celestial body will not die? The fairy has its own deal with immortal life and death; Is it his master had called him immortal? We don't see in context, such records; Is it ate queen empress flat peach garden xiantao's sake? How many gods are eaten xiantao also afraid of death, see the sun wukong frighten the place hide; Is the Monkey King in the grave to tear out the reason of the life and death book? Life and death book torn yama Wang Ziran have a spare or revising the way. Now that the real reason for all these reasons are not Monkey King, not die? The Monkey King, what is the real reason for the undead?