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leadership as opposite model, peers see him as a beast of prey, the brothers quickly issued a statement, in addition to working contacts with him, there is no friendship. Human changes in temperature, the wall when they push, han maybe are tasting the taste of the cell. Seems counterparts without friends, officialdom, friendship is the tao of officialdom. However, han peppering diary scandal only reflects our party's leading cadres of the rare problem, doesn't mean we all party members and cadres, tintin believe that most of our leaders at all levels to walk is a human right, are for the interests of the people in the hard work day and night!

This mouse doesn't destroy the glorious image of our party and cadres at all levels. Thank sina blog's front page recommendation happiest cities of Replica Gucci Belts For mainland in 2010 introduced, hangzhou, chengdu, changsha, the top three, from the point of this into the list of the city, has the following three characteristics: one is the happiest city in the transfer to the central and western regions, in addition to hangzhou, nanjing, guangzhou, other cities belong to the Midwest; Second, happiness in to the second - and third-tier cities, in addition to guangzhou, other cities are not a line;

Three is happiness in the shift to small and medium-sized cities, so time in tonghua, wuxi is neither a first-tier cities, nor the provincial capital, and belongs to the small and medium-sized cities. To tintin's surprise, the Replica Gucci Belts For mainland cities such as Gucci Belt Replica, Shanghai, shenzhen, tianjin and other cities from the original is the pioneer of happiness city and regulars, not now, belongs to the first-tier cities of guangzhou is only in the eighth, its status in jeopardy. Why the line is more and more urban residents have no happiness? Is the economy in the slide?

No, first-tier cities still is the pioneer of Replica Gucci Belts For economic growth; Don't is countries do not attach importance to these cities? Not, the country's economic centre of gravity is still in these cities, the cities also remains a national or local economy center. Then what's the reason that cause the first-tier cities is more and more not happiness? Tintin thought, has the following five aspects: the cause of one line of urban income difference is too big, the most unfair wealth distribution. Don't look at first-tier cities is or regional economic center in Gucci Belt, but that is the paradise of the rich, in the city most of the wealth in the hands of confuses, but the city is a city of millions of population, residents get only rarely part of the department of wealth, their life is still in extremely difficult.

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