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Live in these cities, both rare billions and billions of rich, also live with a large number of thousands of dollars a month on the life of the working class, no housing, no fixed live life more sources of the urban poor, so, most of the urban residents are wealthy, they are not what others think. Such wealth inequality city, the residents which have happiness. Second, the first-tier cities too fierce competition, interpersonal is very indifferent. First-tier cities is a golden place, can make people rich, also can let a person become a poor man; Can you knock down in laughter, also can hit you face to face challenges; You are a company director today, tomorrow you can walk on the road to look for a job;

Your friend today may be the enemy of you tomorrow. Maybe you don't believe, but it's definitely happen every day in the city's most vivid stories. So the first-tier cities between the interpersonal competition is fierce, sometimes in order to compete a position that is tens of millions of people, between people only use each other, often do not have any feelings, between neighbors don't know, between friends not this is the one big characteristic of first-tier cities. Living in such fierce competition, interpersonal relationship is so complex and indifferent city, between residents which have happiness. 3 it is price especially first-tier cities housing prices higher and higher, with a suite of more and more become a dream.

In the present, cities prices tend to be several times that of other cities, especially that is surprisingly high, house prices in Gucci Belt Replica, in Shanghai, in shenzhen, an ordinary working class if you want to pay with his own savings to buy a house, just don't eat not to drink, I'm afraid all my life also can not afford, more than 4 square meters of housing prices, wages have only a few thousand yuan, able to cope with a simple dress and life is good, no savings. Combined with rising prices this year as insane, some city residents can afford three meals a day is difficult.

Living in such a high price in the city, according to statistics, Gucci Belt Replica has only 500000 bachelor, why first-tier cities become a major disaster area of bachelor, the root cause is that there is no house, even built up home, what about happiness?

Four is unstable first-tier cities work, employment pressure is greater than one day a day, unemployment has become a problem many people face every day. In first-tier cities, foreign, to work, the local people want to gold here, all want to get a steady job, the job is only so much, so the work is not stable is the most realistic problem, especially since the financial turmoil, many companies fail, employment pressure is more big, unemployment as many grassroots workers problem facing every day. Life in the city, are likely to find a job every day happiness come from?

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