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must grasp, must to value their family, don't do something sorry to each other. Because once a bottom go to, not be able to love between couples, so, do anything, must be on the premise of conjugal love, on the basis of. Conflicts with conjugal love of things have to give up, Replica Versace Belt conjugal love to be in the first place. Fourth, the income of husband and wife to plan as a whole, do housework together. Couple there must be some difference of income, have high low, high income of one party not bullying, family income, because your income is not your personal income, the couple's income should be put together, Versace Belt suggest high income for low-income people to manage, so, let low-income people have ownership feeling, make you feel in love he (she), low-income wouldn't be the end of family not to waste money, will be better revitalize the household income, spending much more reasonable, will have money to spend when really need the money. For housework do not think that is one thing, the housework is Shared between a couple household chores, the husband came back to take the initiative to do, the wife also don't just letting the husband do, who has the time to take the initiative to do household chores, it also can promote each other the truth, when doing the housework to find the pleasure of husband and wife, maybe in doing the housework, evening have interest sex life will be more. Five, the corresponding freedom to each other, to fully trust each other. Society is composed of men and women, between women and men have association is normal, so, both sides of husband and wife should fully trust each other, don't limit the freedom of the other party, nor suspicious, even to the tracking, in this way, will produce a lot of misunderstanding, embarrassment and even can't afford to make each other feel. , since men and women of husband and wife, trust is the first, if can't trust each other, tend to be too much, betrayal of husband and wife is always caused by the husband and wife don't trust. So, a couple of betrayal is not a person's fault, of course, there are also a person's fault, but that's just extremely individual). Six, husband and wife to mutual romantic, have a sense of fresh forever. Couples living together for a long time, the other party has been quite understand, it is not a novelty, marital life will become dull, at this time, couples tend to deteriorate. In order to let the husband and wife always have fresh, all want to make romance, such as birthday party, can go out for a bit of Harpy, can buy each other like the gift, remember, flowers are essential. Especially, engagement, wedding, get to know each other, couples feel have a memorable day must make romance. Also, a side trip, must give each other some small gifts, he (she) like gift is not expensive, lies in the heart with his (her).