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The author focused on small shenyang for a long time, every time he appears in front of an audience, either playing gala skit that a few words, or he is not good at song, or is he release, did not take out the new work, there is nothing new, look for a long time, the audience will long boring day, no longer like to watch his show, not the audience, also the end of the red. 3 it is to this year's Spring Festival gala zhao4 ben3 shan and has no intention of cooperation with shenyang, shenyang alone, mulberry bayswater replica without the support of zhao benshan, little shenyang's program will be discounted. 2010 Spring Festival gala, zhao benshan led other disciples do a sketch, and small shenyang alone, doing seemingly small shenyang, another portal, but without the small shenyang, zhao benshan his show to fire it is very difficult, because in today's sketch, zhao benshan, that is the real one, moreover, the style of small shenyang, sissy joke no longer attractive, small shenyang are likely to Spring Festival gala, and Spring Festival gala.

Four is shenyang in 2009, pipping, zhao benshan, cause zhao benshan. In Mulberry Bags, the disciple thunder if over, his master, the master must be uncomfortable, and little shenyang's teacher zhao4 ben3 shan is one of the oldest in the world of today's sketch or, zhao benshan certainly the skills in order to show the boss, not promoting small shenyang, 2010 Spring Festival gala, zhao benshan with small shenyang cooperation is proved. Without the small shenyang, zhao benshan support to red or red again. Five is a small shenyang style is set, if you want to change the style, I'm afraid not succeed.

Little shenyang's success is mainly due to his alternative, namely tone is sissy, and this is the main reason for the viewers love him, also illustrates the small shenyang is take the green line, but not always, youth in their 30 s small shenyang if sissy guise in front of the audience, the audience is likely to stomach, if small shenyang to change the style, but, I find such a problem again: Confucius hole, mencius surnamed meng, zhuang zi, zhuang mo zi surnamed ink, everything is done compound surname han fei, the child is your respectful name, said Mr, but only Lao lee, is why?

The author has produced a question: history is not whether does laozi man?

The author lest doubt error, reviewed the history of the Lao zi has data, from the point of access to the data, if there are more and more on the history of Lao zi is sceptical, reasons are as follows: on replica mulberry bags uk e, the other thinkers are surnames beginning, but Lao tze surnamed li, ear, not surnames beginning. This is not what people used to call. Legend Lao tze niang's surname, the niang born means the plum tree, because the surname lee, this are to be believed, because restore surname is content with the content, replica mulberry handbags but the author refer to the spring and autumn period and the history, did not find a li in two hundred and forty.

And old style tend to be complex, at that time, there are few such a simple word, so, the author from the aspects of surnames doubting the existence of Lao tzu.