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Second, the only legend Lao tze be remembered for gods. Lao tze be regarded as the founder of the Taoist Fake Mulberry Bag, in later generations of legend Lao tze is sky high status of gods, for being too old gentleman. While other thinkers have no a legend for the gods, especially large, Confucius' influence on the Fake Mulberry Bag the idea ruled Mulberry Bags for thousands of years, and he had not been for the fairy legend, why Lao tze legends of gods. Lao tze fiction composition is larger.

Three written history of Lao zi, a vague, especially its birth s and its age. Lao tze recorded in sima qian's shiji, but such a great thinker, but just 500 words, however, and for when I am, replica mulberry bags uk sima qian was not recorded clear, said of Lao zi ju zhou first, see weeks of failure, is therefore, Lao zi was born in the spring and autumn period, but still in during the warring states period of Lao zi, before and after its more than 200 years history, sima qian added cover Lao tzu has more than 60 years old, or more than two hundred years old, don't even sure sima qian, even until the han dynasty seem to have in the history of the legend of Lao tzu's activity, www.profitnet.co.uk the more impossible, and historically, no one in the world have such a long life, even who sun simiao in tang dynasty but also the age of 100. If there is a 200 - year - old Lao tze, the later the Fake Mulberry Bag would write home about.

Four, Lao zi by the daodejing book the warring states period, largely written or modified for later generations. The author found that the daodejing has many versions, and each have different, and in 1973, changsha mawangdui silk unearthed there is two party a and party b Lao zi (that is, the daodejing), and of the text and content being circulated now have differences, prove the daodejing written in the warring states period, was born in the spring and autumn period, is not consistent with Lao tze. Lao zi is the possibility of the daodejing is not very big, is likely to be the posterity, under the mask of Lao tzu.

Five, Confucius was ask Lao li, is likely to be Taoist disciples to raise the status of Lao tze. According to historical records, Confucius was ask Lao tze GuoLi, which are recorded in many books, including shiji, even including the Confucian works the rites · zengzi asked, also records have asked Confucius readme four due to Lao tze. However, among them such as Confucius asked the ritual place, s are different. The author believes that this could be the identity of the Taoist borrow Confucius raised the status of Lao tzu;

Two possible when Confucius did ask people GuoLi, but not Lao tze, just who profess to Lao zi, and according to the records when two people in discord; Two possible Lao zi is the fairy in the legend, Confucius' disciple also borrow laozi's special status to raise of Confucius. Six, in the historical records, Lao tze often small in others. On laozi, once the lines in the zhou dynasty in the history of the western zhou dynasty TaiShiBoYang, because according to the Lao tze significance, the column chong 'er said his name, the word Yang; Even lines in tang, concern to Lao tze legendary Yang, mulberry bayswater replica boast to laozi's longevity, is fairy class character.