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for many years, the real estate regulation was able to adhere to, and people once and again, again to choose trust policy has a great relationship. But if the policies, the control index of house prices become completely openly supported prices soaring tools, is a great challenge to the central authority, if don't high-profile position, decisive, and force the formulation and the people around the ability to pay, as well as price increases levels of the real estate control goal, means that the current real estate regulation and has been kidnapped by the local government and interest groups, the credibility of Gucci Belts real estate will be wiped out. Very honored to be invited to participate in the state-owned land on the housing levy and compensation ordinance expert discussion meeting. By studying on January 29, 2010, to the community of the draft and is now the expert argumentation of draft, combining with some experiences and views, will now experience of expert argumentation draft statement and related Suggestions are as follows. I special approval about & lt; state-owned land on the housing levy and compensation ordinance (draft) on the expert's demonstration & gt; explanation of the guidelines on the regulation change in: regulations related to global modernization construction, the core is both public interests and the interests of the expropriated, the public interest as need to be implemented, and to make the interests of the expropriated effectively protected. The government for public interests need house, not losses to the interests of the expropriated. For stage is in the midst of the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization in Hermes Belt, if in the process of building a speak only the public interests, private legal rights and interests safeguard expropriated do not speak, even through which can accelerate the pace of modernization, but for Gucci Belts overall social harmony is a very bad, only better guarantee the lawful rights and interests of the expropriated, the basic concept of the harmonious society and value. I think that the current draft and the draft on the expert's demonstration, comparison, no matter in the cognizance of the public interest, or legal procedures and imposing compensation, etc.