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re-size non-tradable regulate, this is contrary to the principle of fairness cite discrimination. To temporarily stabilized, sacrifice the principles of contract and the rule of law, free to restrict the flow of legitimate rights already acquired, apparently is a mistake to correct another error, the only result is that the size of the non-policy itself because of the lack of rational expectations and accelerate the pace of reduction . Road market stability true rule of law, that the fulcrum by law, architecture, the rule of law as the basis for each stock investors are treated equally and credit relationship, rather than the size of the holdings of behavior will be non-discriminatory restrictions. Of course, in the current market size of non-rising hostility, the difficulty of such a paradigm shift can be imagined. However, global capital market system and in the long run, this kind of thinking will undoubtedly have a greater rationality. If we agree with this assertion, then the norms of the correct size of non-reduction rule of law approach should be: to standardize the size of the non-reduction as an opportunity for all large transactions should design a convenient and efficient system channel, which is the perfect bulk trading system and trading rules. For more than a certain percentage of large transactions, not through the secondary market to trade auction system, at the same time, learn from overseas experience mature, after the completion of block trading, the Exchange may require the lock-up agreement by signing shares, promised in the coming period no reduction within other specific institutional arrangements to ensure the interests of buyers, but also to prevent the generation of false trading and other acts.