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In this way, the entire issuance mechanism will be completely destroyed, cause a series of moral risk and crisis. Most people think that the central government more than local government credit, historical statistics show that, in fact, in many cases, the central government is more like a Mafia. Therefore, I suggest that the central government departments, don't make examination and approval on local government debt problem, as long as the good control interest rates, as to how much debt, debt issuance, completely to the place National People's Congress to review, and will review the result announces, and entrust the issuer shall be issued. Only the real power to the supervision of the public, and the supervision and effective, the local government to issue bonds will not trigger a debt crisis, local government will be supporting the hand rather than the seeds of destruction. (the guang-yuan mar) of southern metropolis daily agent famous professor Xu Dianqing and well-known financial comment about whether shenzhen housing prices fall between people of upstanding bets at high tide will be up for a party of screeching halt their papers in advance dramatic: two hundred percent confidence to win and refused to apologize before July 1, xu on his blog published more than 2000 words of apology. A super blockbuster is yellow, and the habit of watching the country people is indeed a great pity, but for suffering from prices soaring and helpless people, xu apology at least gave them a little comfort in spirit. If we don't know in advance the protagonist of the game, very few people will relate the gamble and famous xu, in the eyes of ordinary people, such as the famous professor Xu Dianqing should be rigorous style of study, replica designer belts adopting a prudent, most authoritative experts. But, unfortunately, happens to be such a big experts, dye lost bet to become the leading role of entertainment news. Prof xu said in an apology letter, in order to avoid the things be entertainment bad tendencies, the rational choice for an apology. But I don't understand, for a gamble, we don't entertainment mindset to read, don't want us to take it as a serious academic problem? To tell the truth, the bet, in addition to prof xu as a rational economic man, through the struggle in the prisoner's dilemma game, using the rational expectations, apologize eventually choose such a for him may be the optimal choice for the end of a bit like an economist, I can't get out of the game and two experts consistent identity elements of just a little. For a start, there are no winners to gamble, two experts under the push of the media but wanting more, you're welcome, really a little gentle sweeping the floor. There is no doubt that the nature of the game is not an academic question, but a question of style of study. Gamble is entertainment, doesn't have anything to do with the academic, if the cover of academic pursuit, it is of academic. Shenzhen house prices gamble, as prof xu himself, reaction is precisely the Replica Hermes Belt academia generally impetuous style of study. As a its views is trusted by the people's public intellectuals, important is not that it is right or not, but that it sees a problem deeply and conclusion is rigorous, the guru Sir John Maynard Keynes economics has pointed out that the rigorous thought is very important to set economic policy.