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when Yang argued that Hollywood tycoon is Mr Semel as CEO made a serious mistake, he campaigned in 2007 were made a more unforgivable mistake, Mr Semel when Google fledgling miss the opportunity of buying and Yang at a competitive disadvantage in yahoo rejected Microsoft's olive branch. Add up all the mistakes, the Yang life is also rejected Microsoft's deadly. Admittedly, for jerry Yang of yahoo, especially one who has a Replica Hermes Belt descent, it founded enterprise sell, never zhu xinli said words like selling pigs which is natural and unrestrained. In the face of Microsoft's acquisition, yahoo brand disappear of fear Yang made the biggest mistake in his life. Yang rebuffed Microsoft, and to prove themselves, only let yahoo's earnings and share price more than Microsoft's bid $31, this for Mr Yang, is clearly a mission impossible. Then, Yang itself became yahoo's negative equity, stripping Yang for the future of yahoo, has to face is clearly a choice. This is better than domestic that will make the company suffered huge losses, but still feel at ease in the leadership position to place (don't accordingly, assume that I am talking of peace Mr Ma or larry yung, citic Pacific). Yang's mistake, not lose in the strategy, but lose in departure from the basic principle of corporate governance. We can't forget, in the 1930 s, American economist burleigh and meter, put forward the principal-agent theory, has a separation of ownership and managerial authority, the two rights separation has become the basic logic of modern corporate governance. Burleigh and rice, it is to see the great defects of both the operator and the owners to put forward the residual claims, and will operate surrender of insight, it is the professional manager stratum are all the rage. Obviously, Yang failure, however is to break the logic starting point of a more persuasive typical cases. Jerry Yang, yahoo was founded in 1994, and became a miracle in silicon valley, let yahoo think about 10 years ago, unify the Internet world, yahoo yahoo are flawed, Google has not yet been born. When facing the brand and the company's future choices, www.aaareplica.ru not ready for children made Yang made adverse selection runs against the interests of the shareholders, bungled the overall situation of the company. Yang blocked Microsoft and Mr. Icahn's attack, keep the yahoo brand, but he has violated the most basic factor of corporate governance, on the premise of performance of social responsibilities, to realize the maximization of shareholder value, so the yahoo completely into the plight of today. So, when we all accused zhu xinli selling huiyuan, support the cow protection national brand, must think Yang in order to protect the yahoo brand and the end of the desperate.