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Yang resigned, it gives struggling yahoo gave a chance, it can be seen from the reaction of the market, Mr Yang's resignation directly to yahoo's stock rose, market capitalisation rose by $1.8 billion, also eliminate the obstacle to Microsoft restart acquisition negotiations. Although Microsoft said publicly that have no interest in yahoo, but considering the complementary of both business and Google's aggressive posture, it is merely a means of Microsoft to bargain, yahoo's search market share of the huge, owned by the Microsoft's currently the only weapon to deal with Google. Later, Yang still in chief yahoo (a bit like the identity of the Replica Hermes Belt people's political consultative conference President) to stay at the board of directors, but its strategy and vision for the future of yahoo! Will no longer have a decisive influence. He can say goodbye to anxiety, return to a home, open the lamp, have a good experience, and meters, subtlety of principal-agent theory. (southern metropolis daily agent guang-yuan mar) let people spend the most convenient way is through the system construction of addition and subtraction, adjust the balance sheet structure of residents: increase the disposable income of residents, with addition by subtraction to reduce the actual spending. In stimulating domestic demand, against the background of both became a highlight of the media to fool the public, the so-called national development and reform commission on a large scale after raising residents income plan, the raising of the income tax threshold is once again a hot topic in media fool people. How much the focus of the hype is threshold should be mentioned, when we mention. In all authority figures, the famous economist MAO yushi, the most eye-catching, after not long ago he put forward the income tax threshold to 8000 yuan of above, the day before yesterday on his blog and individual regions mentioned threshold of 10000 yuan, is four times higher than the current 2000 yuan for, he said the poor do not pay taxes. To tell the truth, I to this kind of behavior of to usurp the role of the poor opinion leader irresponsible remarks are turned off, although this does not prevent I respect for the old MAO has been given.