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The core content of notice, is actually on December 14, 2009, state council executive meeting of the four further refine and supplement. The four countries put forward by the policy mix, use land, finance, tax and other means, the runaway property market regulation and to inhibit investment and speculative buying, stabilize the market expectations, curb the property price hikes in some cities. And notice of the five most, 11 measures, both increasing the supply of affordable housing, or through differentiation of taxation, credit of land policy, guide the housing consumption, inhibit investment speculation, and even to further clarify the responsibility of the government, maintaining the order of the real estate market and to crack down on illegal behavior, apparently, is since the end of 2009's endorsement and refinement, enhance its operational and execution, misunderstandings answer to relieve people's anxiety, strengthen the authority of the public policy of real estate and credit basis. In spite of this, and the previous policy relatively, notice on the regulation of the current real estate market moves, there are still many point and a new idea: