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Yang resigned, it gives struggling yahoo gave a chance, it can be seen from the reaction of the market, Mr Yang's resignation directly to yahoo's stock rose, market capitalisation rose by $1.8 billion, also eliminate the obstacle to Microsoft restart acquisition negotiations. Although Microsoft said publicly that have no interest in yahoo, but considering the complementary of both business and Google's aggressive posture, www.aaareplica.ru it is merely a means of Microsoft to bargain, yahoo's search market share of the huge, owned by the Microsoft's currently the only weapon to deal with Google. Later, Yang still in chief yahoo (a bit like the identity of the Replica Hermes Belt people's political consultative conference President) to stay at the board of directors, but its strategy and vision for the future of yahoo! Will no longer have a decisive influence. He can say goodbye to anxiety, return to a home, open the lamp, have a good experience, and meters, subtlety of principal-agent theory. (southern metropolis daily agent guang-yuan mar) let people spend the most convenient way is through the system construction of addition and subtraction, adjust the balance sheet structure of residents: increase the disposable income of residents, with addition by subtraction to reduce the actual spending. In stimulating domestic demand, against the background of both became a highlight of the media to fool the public, the so-called national development and reform commission on a large scale after raising residents income plan, the raising of the income tax threshold is once again a hot topic in media fool people. How much the focus of the hype is threshold should be mentioned, when we mention. In all authority figures, the famous economist MAO yushi, the most eye-catching, after not long ago he put forward the income tax threshold to 8000 yuan of above, the day before yesterday on his blog and individual regions mentioned threshold of 10000 yuan, is four times higher than the current 2000 yuan for, he said the poor do not pay taxes. To tell the truth, I to this kind of behavior of to usurp the role of the poor opinion leader irresponsible remarks are turned off, although this does not prevent I respect for the old MAO has been given.
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when Yang argued that Hollywood tycoon is Mr Semel as CEO made a serious mistake, he campaigned in 2007 were made a more unforgivable mistake, Mr Semel when Google fledgling miss the opportunity of buying and Yang at a competitive disadvantage in yahoo rejected Microsoft's olive branch. Add up all the mistakes, the Yang life is also rejected Microsoft's deadly. Admittedly, for jerry Yang of yahoo, especially one who has a Replica Hermes Belt descent, it founded enterprise sell, never zhu xinli said words like selling pigs which is natural and unrestrained. In the face of Microsoft's acquisition, yahoo brand disappear of fear Yang made the biggest mistake in his life. Yang rebuffed Microsoft, and to prove themselves, only let yahoo's earnings and share price more than Microsoft's bid $31, this for Mr Yang, is clearly a mission impossible. Then, Yang itself became yahoo's negative equity, stripping Yang for the future of yahoo, has to face is clearly a choice. This is better than domestic that will make the company suffered huge losses, but still feel at ease in the leadership position to place (don't accordingly, assume that I am talking of peace Mr Ma or larry yung, citic Pacific). Yang's mistake, not lose in the strategy, but lose in departure from the basic principle of corporate governance. We can't forget, in the 1930 s, American economist burleigh and meter, put forward the principal-agent theory, has a separation of ownership and managerial authority, the two rights separation has become the basic logic of modern corporate governance. Burleigh and rice, it is to see the great defects of both the operator and the owners to put forward the residual claims, and will operate surrender of insight, it is the professional manager stratum are all the rage. Obviously, Yang failure, however is to break the logic starting point of a more persuasive typical cases. Jerry Yang, yahoo was founded in 1994, and became a miracle in silicon valley, let yahoo think about 10 years ago, unify the Internet world, yahoo yahoo are flawed, Google has not yet been born. When facing the brand and the company's future choices, www.aaareplica.ru not ready for children made Yang made adverse selection runs against the interests of the shareholders, bungled the overall situation of the company. Yang blocked Microsoft and Mr. Icahn's attack, keep the yahoo brand, but he has violated the most basic factor of corporate governance, on the premise of performance of social responsibilities, to realize the maximization of shareholder value, so the yahoo completely into the plight of today. So, when we all accused zhu xinli selling huiyuan, support the cow protection national brand, must think Yang in order to protect the yahoo brand and the end of the desperate.
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When the people overwhelmingly support, Shouting to get authoritative xu, xu lost not only is the gamble and profound, but also for basic trust of the economist. When an expert, www.nogossipzone.com based on the use of the gravitational-wave way to prove his academic contribution and what I have done, on the one hand, illustrates the mentality of the quick buck, on the other hand its academic ethics certainly is in a state of temperament sexual impotence. Xu Dianqing professor in his book said: as a scholar should take more responsibility for their own research conclusion, some account of his own mistakes. Particularly important is going to improve on the style of study. ChengZaiSiYan! Xu Dianqing professor in his public apology for his impetuous style of study, costly, professor xu is undoubtedly a great lesson, experts in other good prediction is a wake-up call, for those who are against academic neutrality, dare to do interest group representatives of so-called scholars but also a warning that is there is no such thing as a free lunch this reveals the basic principle of economics. Impetuous style of study and irritable mood, coupled with the loss of academic ethics, this is Replica Designer Belts's experts point to the root cause of the people joke, is that our society of great sorrow. From a healthy civil society in terms of ecology, xu in the failure of the bet, and the greatest loss is not himself, but we on academic totem and the breakdown of trust, this is a typical social really sick. Will this perspective, I am hope xu win, although he will lose is doomed from the start. Impetuous atmosphere let alone won the Nobel Prize in economics, I'm afraid is are difficult to find a little bit of truth. Recently, ever won the Nobel Prize when the oldest of hurwitz has just died, replica hermes belt when he won the Nobel has 90 - year - old. As the founder of the information economics and mechanism design theory, through his work, a lot of people, including stiglitz, morris, before he had won the Nobel Prize, hurwitz professor did not complain, no more impetuous to bet that to improve their academic reputation, when he was 90 - year - old finally got Nobel, economists agree that due to his lifetime work and pioneering contribution in the field of economics a lot, I think he deserves the prize have long, www.endesignerbelts.com although belongs to the justice of late, but the name. Mr Hurwicz's weak and calm comp endesignerbelts.com osure academic attitude undoubtedly and eagerness for Replica Hermes Belt economics and entertainment tendency to form bright contrast, exaggeration to say, many people in Replica Designer Belts don't say 90 - year - old still so calm, many from 19 began racking their brains to find a way to become famous, and prof Xu Dianqing gamble in house prices, only the current academia blundering a typical microcosm. So, to gamble house prices, the public focus should be on the reflection of style of study, also hope that the house price gamble has triggered people's trust in the economist collapse could be a target, the economics profession is professor Xu Dianqing apology for it to achieve the value maximization and warning the spillover effects of others. From this perspective, the gamble to some extent, also has certain positive meaning.
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