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In this way, the entire issuance mechanism will be completely destroyed, cause a series of moral risk and crisis. Most people think that the central government more than local government credit, historical statistics show that, in fact, in many cases, the central government is more like a Mafia. Therefore, I suggest that the central government departments, don't make examination and approval on local government debt problem, as long as the good control interest rates, as to how much debt, debt issuance, completely to the place National People's Congress to review, and will review the result announces, and entrust the issuer shall be issued. Only the real power to the supervision of the public, and the supervision and effective, the local government to issue bonds will not trigger a debt crisis, local government will be supporting the hand rather than the seeds of destruction. (the guang-yuan mar) of southern metropolis daily agent famous professor Xu Dianqing and well-known financial comment about whether shenzhen housing prices fall between people of upstanding bets at high tide will be up for a party of screeching halt their papers in advance dramatic: two hundred percent confidence to win and refused to apologize before July 1, xu on his blog published more than 2000 words of apology. A super blockbuster is yellow, endesignerbelts.com and the habit of watching the country people is indeed a great pity, but for suffering from prices soaring and helpless people, xu apology at least gave them a little comfort in spirit. If we don't know in advance the protagonist of the game, very few people will relate the gamble and famous xu, in the eyes of ordinary people, such as the famous professor Xu Dianqing should be rigorous style of study, replica designer belts adopting a prudent, most authoritative experts. But, unfortunately, happens to be such a big experts, dye lost bet to become the leading role of entertainment news. Prof xu said in an apology letter, in order to avoid the things be entertainment bad tendencies, the rational choice for an apology. But I don't understand, for a gamble, we don't entertainment mindset to read, don't want us to take it as a serious academic problem? To tell the truth, the bet, in addition to prof xu as a rational economic man, through the struggle in the prisoner's dilemma game, using the rational expectations, apologize eventually choose such a for him may be the optimal choice for the end of a bit like an economist, I can't get out of the game and two experts consistent identity elements of just a little. For a start, there are no winners to gamble, two experts under the push of the media but wanting more, you're welcome, really a little gentle sweeping the floor. There is no doubt that the nature of the game is not an academic question, but a question of style of study. Gamble is entertainment, doesn't have anything to do with the academic, if the cover of academic pursuit, it is of academic. Shenzhen house prices gamble, as prof xu himself, reaction is precisely the Replica Hermes Belt academia generally impetuous style of study. As a its views is trusted by the nogossipzone.com people's public intellectuals, www.shopbeltsoutlet.com important is not that it is right or not, but that it sees a problem deeply and conclusion is rigorous, the guru Sir John Maynard Keynes economics has pointed out that the rigorous thought is very important to set economic policy.
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's arrival, I again to see the weather forecast, when he saw the likely affect hunan chenzhou area again, I feel so pain, just pain nanling region of the people, and to accept the test of the typhoon, and we are here, Buy Gucci Belt calls for the arrival of the typhoon, are several glad several sorrow, hopefully mei of the disaster, no longer just for cooling in hot summer. I like coastal original, you can see the beautiful sea, can take a bath in the seaside, you can see the people in the world come and go, you can see at the great... I also like mountain, castle peak green water, guifushengong, http://www.karolionline.com/ cloud, like a fairyland. Because there is a typhoon, now the people are often panic in the sea, often face the risk of death; In the mountains of people often chilling cold, shaken, flash floods, landslides, instantly swallowed your beautiful home. Now I like my hometown, here is safer, more beautiful, more calm. The endless golden, the rape is in bloom; The sky under the golden, that is a sign of mature rice; Swimming in the ocean of snow, that is cotton in bloom; The cold winter also is green eyeful, the wheat is tenacious grew up.

Want to praise the picturesque four seasons, Buy Gucci Belt my vocabulary is always pale. Who is the real poet of this season, is our food and clothing parents, farmers! Is the four seasons with sweat them! Are they describe the four seasons with hands! They although there is no fancy words, Buy Gucci Belt their actions are great! Although it is the color like dirt, they describe the world the most beautiful scenery! See the color of the plain to see this beautiful four seasons, why am I always excited, because I am a farmer's son!

Today I got a divorce, holding the judgment of the court is sadness or pain full brain blank without any thoughts today I divorced bitter marriage finally stop my life from now on quiet my life once again today, I got divorced my marriage is beginning to even wrong tolerance Buy Gucci Belt you betray me many times today I feel shame I divorce I still want to bless you let him like I love you and let you to pursue the new happiness today I got a divorce, let my son be hurt let you understand your parents Buy Gucci Belt I will give you the most sincere care today, I got divorced my life although my smiling face no choice Buy Gucci Belt still hanging in the face Buy Gucci Belt in my heart like a knife to cut today, I got divorced I hope we don't become strangers I hope we are still good friends because we are sons of parents today I left the court divorced staggered gate hot summer coolkidsdental.com is still hot, the street people have rushed to the whole world is noisy, the Afghan war didn't stop; 9.11 the explosion shock; Then the Iraq war.

Madrid bombings to horrible; How many children lose beslan school; A massive explosion at the London underground; Chechnya upheaval happen every day... Terrorism more against the terror, the world no one day rest. The world is a madhouse: power hegemony war. Americans are too hateful, it doesn't make the world: capture small general; Will be captured saddam hussein in the hole; In prison, poor slobodan milosevic, swallowed their anger allowed any rest; Today said Iran is a rogue; Tomorrow say north Korea too impulsive...

The world is a madhouse: Africa is too poor, food diseases cluster; The tsunami earthquake here today and tomorrow there to lose; I accuse you of stealing information today, tomorrow you accused me of being too unfair; The israeli-palestinian conflict is intense, Lebanon war happen again; Just calm SARS, bird flu appeared variant... The world is a madhouse: price of oil is rising every day; Today is the Anti-Japanese War to the end, tomorrow is anti-war demonstrations; Today is the national division, tomorrow is a national merger; Today is against environmental pollution and economic illiter www.coolkidsdental.com acy is tomorrow; Today we are strategic partner, tomorrow we be enemies... When will the whole world is your worry, can have peace? Perhaps only humans are destroyed, can only be peaceful world! Will save thousands of old, young, too. Ambition comparable to the thousand miles, ten years don't know where you.
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The country yokel dozen wife, the whole body scar will be seen at a glance, http://www.phiphiarayaburiresort.com/ and we cute wearing the Sven Type of advanced intellectuals, they use clever mind plays inconspicuous place, leng let outsiders see don't understand. May be too much people hope for the intellectuals to consign, senior intellectuals in addition to more than the average person excavated from the known from the nature of human knowledge, everything else is the same with ordinary people. Do you want to be high knowledge is many Civilized men All want to have, after all these days, have high knowledge is not a bad thing. If a person has a high knowledge, fake louis vuitton belt no high quality, is nonetheless monstrous behavior. That knowledge is useless, the whole person looks like is up with knowledge of the A paper tiger . The senior intellectuals, pack up your Clutches !!!! In you lift the lift that doubles the wife Clutches Ever wondered how of his own brutal! Perhaps the Civilization Is just an empty shell, by now, the human wants to get rid of the wild, and only to mining the knowledge from the nature, the transition to the Civilization To come. Peter said the university President is official or educator Every time there is always some unfathomable events, such as daily noticed that, today scholars are in fashion business in Louis Vuitton Belt Replica, education in politics, merchant books, one is the sea money, resolutely go in waves of The Times. One is mixed with politics, walk on the power of the ancestor worship. A pocket money, is too busy to prove that he is a learned man, books, lectures, busy as a bee. They all find their proper choice, plunge right in and tireless, joy. Buy Louis http://www.secondnaturecanvas.com/ Vuitton Belt in the end all became archaeological travesty, deer deer, like a cow not cow, like a donkey donkey, like Ma Feima, finally can only become a mule, elongation neck watching this world. Can ask on the officialdom and unimpeded, most has the ability to afford, if not in dungeons, at least can be easily used in official circles between heaven and earth. Not long superhuman powers, is also a work miracles. Naturally, this education and officialdom is originally, of just in today new era, under the trend of also produced such a freak, some people in education is educator, in politics and members. Its full of beauty. Meeting at school on weekdays, always in common persons familiar newspeak, such as school to make a construction project, the long sound, a long time didn't hear the echo. The other day, the Beijing news story Zhejiang university remove him the university President transition peak behind the Title, replica louis vuitton belts reported the Louis Vuitton Belt Replica general situation of university presidents: over the past two years the Overseas study background and officials become common features of the new President after 2004 . In the office of zhejiang university President recently, for example, is not only the us, PhD, who took over as the principal, and the position of the director of the academic degrees committee office of the state council and the ministry of education degree and graduate management education department director. This some professional life is the number of people, in reality it is not uncommon, Buy Louis Vuitton Belt we should know that a number of these pluralism whether he really in multiple areas can be cast to? We all know that a person abi http://www.sciencefictionsites.com/ lity is limited, can do their own thing to do, a breakthrough in their original area, is a more valuable, and if such degrees method, finally, multiple areas all know some fur, Buy Louis Vuitton Belt it can't be good again.
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