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As the embodiment of the citizens' right of residence and part of the housing security system, since was established in 1998, the national all levels of the public accumulation fund for housing construction funds up to 2 trillion, for the agglomeration of housing funds, improve the living condition of citizens not to speak of the role of. Gucci Replica Belt as a system design, system of housing accumulation fund operation ten years in our country, the system of congenital deformity of hidden defects. According to the current architecture, implementation of housing accumulation fund of housing accumulation fund management committee decision, housing accumulation fund management center, bank of 21st century, the financial supervision mode, seems to be perfect, but in fact he couldn't help real scrutiny and trial and error: first, the housing accumulation fund management committee itself is a structure of nothingness. In accordance with the regulations on the administration of the public accumulation fund for housing construction, housing accumulation fund management committee as the decision-making body, its members as follows:
the head of the people's government, finance, and construction and relevant experts, head of the departments of the people's bank of accounts for a third, representatives of trade unions and workers' representatives of a third, fake gucci belt unit of accounting for a third. That is to say, all the members of his take part-time, whatever, 1 what decisions of science. Second, the housing accumulation fund management center in my body is unknown. In accordance with the regulations on the administration of the public accumulation fund for housing construction, housing accumulation fund management center is directly under the municipal people's government of not for-profit independent business unit.
But most of the business entity in the real operation, based on the local finance department in is affiliated financial management. But its in the whole system of housing accumulation fund system in a core position, responsible for the collection, use and management of housing accumulation fund, housing accumulation fund loan risk alone.
But if we are careful analysis, found that such a risk is a central 3 without the unit: no capital, no risk bearing ability, is not an independent financial institutions, its whether loans, or put in the Treasury, are not your own money. In the absence of supervision, the system of housing accumulation fund management center to become a design on the taboo of institutions: power is very big, huge funds, but very small, its assets to bear any risk.
At the same time, as part of the restriction mechanism: the bank of 21st century, under the condition of the Banks want housing accumulation fund management center, more become a virtual line. Third, the public accumulation fund for housing construction of single investment channel, according to the regulations, can only put in the Treasury and issuing of housing accumulation fund loans.
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The big worry is that some local governments on the one hand, fool people all in the name of and that high prices draw a line, on the one hand, still trying to save the current real estate privately through policy regulation, it may be naked before rescue in the credibility of government are devastating. Chongqing recently, for example, make the cover of for common people during the purchase tax rebate, some places for two sets of mortgage loosening, in some places, flaunting the banner of relief for civil servants in housing, not only could trigger a new round of misleading of the market, but also a mockery of public opinion and a great deal of disrespect. In terms of rationality, Shop Gucci Belt these policies are not necessarily bad policy, and, at present many of the policies of real estate in our country is not reasonable, for example, tax and fee is too high, the development costs nearly half belong to the government of taxes and fees, it not only inhibits the reasonable demand, also become one of the system root of such high price. But public policy, we must uphold fair and reasonable reason, pay attention to the connotation of public spirit and public opinion. Disorder because policy in real estate prices can't return, risk policy, there are suspected of further bail-outs and prop up the market, its fairness will be discounted. Our people, for the vacancy rate has reached an all-time high of property developers, avoid financial situation worsened and the best choice of trading sideways is acknowledged the importance of price, let prices return to reasonable to release the real demand, rather than expecting what policy of magic power, as early as the early 08 vanke made the right choice.
Only make the policy support of utopian dream ended at an early date, to shorten the adjustment period out of the downturn, otherwise, no matter for Fake Gucci Belt economy, for Fake Gucci Belt real estate, for the Cheap Gucci Belts people, is not a blessing. (the Gucci Belt Outlet news column) according to media reports, the public accumulation fund for housing construction in our country always GuiJiE has amounted to two trillion yuan, according to the speed of growth, now in the near future, the public accumulation fund for housing construction will become Fake Gucci Belt largest funds. Ran out in front of the capital expansion rate is a series of major cases in the field of frequency of housing accumulation fund.
The public accumulation fund for housing construction area is not quite, or is the case, involving tens of millions of yuan funds is the norm. According to introducing, publicly reported cases of housing accumulation fund, since 2003, 3, 8 in 2004 has been risen to 17 2007, 18 in 2008; The amounts also rose from 116 million yuan in 2003 to $2004 in 790 million, reached its peak in 2006, 1.08 billion yuan.
At the same time, replica gucci belts it is in many parts of the housing accumulation fund use efficiency, large amounts of money idle precipitation, capital utilization rate of less than 20% in some places, precipitation funds of up to 600 billion. On the one hand is the housing construction funds are scarce, on the other hand is a waste of money and precipitation, the unsupported distortions, reform the existing management and operation of housing accumulation fund system, has become a top priority in the field of housing. System of housing accumulation fund is import in our country, the basic model derived from Singapore's central provident fund system.
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re-size non-tradable regulate, this is contrary to the principle of fairness cite discrimination. To temporarily stabilized, sacrifice the principles of contract and the rule of law, free to restrict the flow of legitimate rights already acquired, apparently is a mistake to correct another error, the only result is that the size of the non-policy itself because of the lack of rational expectations and accelerate the pace of reduction . Road market stability true rule of law, that the fulcrum by law, architecture, the rule of law as the basis for each stock investors are treated equally and credit relationship, rather than the size of the holdings of behavior will be non-discriminatory restrictions. Of course, http://www.enbeltscheapsale.ru/ in the current market size of non-rising hostility, the difficulty of such a paradigm shift can be imagined. However, global capital market system and in the long run, this kind of thinking will undoubtedly have a greater rationality. If we agree with this assertion, then the norms of the correct size of non-reduction rule of law approach should be: to standardize the size of the non-reduction as an opportunity for all large transactions should design a convenient and efficient system channel, which is the perfect bulk trading system and trading rules. For more than a certain percentage of large transactions, not through the secondary market to trade auction system, at the same time, learn from overseas experience mature, after the completion of block trading, the Exchange may require the lock-up agreement by signing shares, promised in the coming period no reduction within other specific institutional arrangements to ensure the interests of buyers, but also to prevent the generation of false trading and other acts.
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