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In along with the increase of the supply of land, real estate investment growth is rapid, the national bureau of statistics figures show that: in the first half of the national real estate development investment of 1.9747 trillion yuan, up 38.1%, among them, the commodity residential investment 1.3692 trillion yuan, up 34.4% from a year earlier, in the first half of the real estate development enterprises in the national housing construction area of 3.084 billion square meters, up 28.7% from a year earlier. New housing construction area of 805 million square meters, up 67.9% from a year earlier. http://products.chateaudegaure.com/ Both land supply and real estate development investment, not a President zhu said the sharp decline in the situation, to show that the real estate regulation policy to curb high prices at the same time, did not affect the normal development of the real estate situation. Point of view, the public concern about a President zhu's comments, the key still has more advice to senior management opportunities, and not all that he says is true. In fact, the history of Gucci Belts real estate regulation game shows, at any time, the real estate market of the stakeholders will seize all the time, the real estate regulation policy of muddy water. Zhu said good, in the real estate market expectations of a very chaotic, but the root of the chaos is not the policy itself, more than the media hype at random, and ordinary people because of the public and the media of any influence, I'm afraid I can't work and report directly to the prime minister of the powerful. But in the long run, the criterion for testing truth can only be true, the author thinks that, in the present Gucci Belts macroeconomic growth is good, the global economy basic does not exist the possibility of a double-dip recession, Gucci Belts real estate policies will not be easy because a zhu and others say to change its direction and policy of the set objectives. After a brief swing in July, real estate regulation policy has now returned to the normal track, secretly let go of three sets of mortgage bank under the banking regulatory commission (CBRC) time to switch off again, take the rise of house price also does not have enough hand, vanke, and other industry leading also admitted that house prices will fall. , in August, especially high-level constantly release real estate policies will continue to adhere to, not suspend signal, vice premier li keqiang on August 13, with particular emphasis on research of affordable housing construction in Beijing, at present, should continue to implement the state council on the real estate market regulation and control of a series of policies and measures to resolutely curb speculation and other unreasonable demand, to increase the effective supply of housing, consolidate the preliminary results of regulation, maintain stable and healthy development of the real estate market. Regulation of determination and confidence are very clear, this means that, at least in this year, the whole real estate policy shifts may not be large, considering the GDP growth without too much worry, for the real estate regulation policy, this year's space and time window is very ideal. But, even so, we still have reason to fear that the real estate market of the stakeholders will spare no effort to continue to say falsely read policy.
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That is to say, high-grade villas, large family home in the case of land scarcity more aggravated the shortage of land, if current housing structure, large family and high-grade residential land still accounted for more than half, by 2040, will use 200 million acres of land, obviously, this is Gucci Belts land supply can meet the. Plus around to GDP over the past few years, to build development zone, industrial and mining enterprises in the expansion, the expansion of university also takes up a lot of already scarce land. Above prove that, although our country land supply condition of scarcity is a fact, but if the plan is reasonable, and to determine a conforms to the situation of land use system, land at least in terms of meet the residential construction, and it is not possible shortage like now. The current shortage of land, most of these are man-made, the result of the game is all sorts of power, and sacrifice, is the basic right of ordinary citizens. Land as a scarce resource, must have a reasonable planning, Hermes Belt as a major power's scarce land resources, it should be a set of reasonable system of intensive utilization of land. But at present all sorts of institutional barriers artificially caused the land waste and shortage, take town as example, under the condition of the rural population to reduce, why rural housing construction land is multiplied, root is that farmers have no root in the city, between urban and rural floating; In the mainstream is not recognised in the system of small property right is strong growth. We see, on April 14 this year, the ministry of land and resources announced the 2010 national land supply plan, Cheap Versace Belts reiterated that it will more than 70% of Fake Hermes Belt the land for affordable housing areas, turn shantytowns into new housing areas, and small family commodity house, obviously, this is the first step on the error correction. But it's not enough to change the status quo of Gucci Belts land market shortage of human waste manufacturing, need to the change of disruptive in Gucci Belts land management system, including should be from the root to change drastically present situation of a government monopoly of land supply, land use should be fixed number of year, greatly increasing, such as can increase to 150, the remaining period are allowed to enter the land market transactions; At the same time, should be in the country set up more land market, land transactions, no longer manufactured in short supply; In particular, the need to consider the future urbanization construction, rural homestead must allow legal transactions as soon as possible, and promote the legalization process of small property right, it can greatly alleviate the current situation of the shortage of land supply, meet the people in their own land to build their own house's basic demands. Qiu http://www.enbeltscheapsale.com/ baoxing, a deputy minister of live built in the 6th international conference on green building and building energy conservation in speech pointed out that our country is the largest country in the amount of annual new buildings in the world, every year new area of 2 billion square meters, equivalent to consumes 40% of the world's cement and steel, and the life of the building but only last 25 to 30 years. This statement, and the ministry of construction residential industrialization promotion center, deputy director of a consistent: domestic residential average life expectancy is only for 30 years. This life, Cheap Fendi Belts less than a quarter of the British building 132 life, less than one half of the average life expectancy of 74 years in the United States.
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Is sima qian himself seeks Qin Xian male during the warring states period weeks during the said to Lao tze, went on to say: or no, who don't much about you. So, I think: if history is Lao zi, why would someone called Lao tze, much less two people s are far apart.

More than six o 'clock reason, let the author doubting whether history really have Lao tze man! Of course, this is only my personal point of view, and due to the author's limited knowledge of the history, please comment. I hope not cause love Lao tze the reproaches of them! Last night, I saw a happy news from the news, the state will from the workers, farmers, substantially in the production line. The author for the news cheered, fully illustrates the country, the promising talents reflects the civil service exam is geared to the needs of the people across the country.

However, the author in joy, suddenly feel this is just a show, rather difficult to implement, at least five sad. First of all, the diploma level. Now all regions and departments to select civil servants, the basic condition that diploma must be at university bachelor degree or above, or even master's, doctoral, and proved now enroll civil servants have a few not diploma is properly when ring, and the workers, farmers is a defect in this respect, although they may the outstanding person in the actual application ability and level of far more than the theory of talent, but they don't have the laptop, today's society, the diploma is the key, so in terms of degree is certainly the enemy but the people, so, qualification will not, no test. Second, the examination pass.

Is the theory of civil service exam, even for these workers, farmers into the examination room, but the real test will certainly no match for the theory of talent, even if they have a lot of achievements in the practical work, but the real government, be afraid is show just met soldiers, rational couldn't say for sure.

Third, the age level. Object of the current civil service exam to general requirements between the ages of 30 years old the following, and these groups are mainly concentrated in the undergraduate of strong finish school, and the workers, farmers, a line of work is although there is no lack of young people, but when they do good, generally are more than 30 years old, so, of age do not accord with the requirement of official test again, no way. Fourth, the interview. Even if there are very few workers, farmers, frontline workers to meet the above requirements, stand out in hordes, www.profitnet.co.uk smoothly into the interview, but workers, farmers have no background, although interview officials and so-called experts sit, just like a picture of the image of business is business, fake mulberry bags but there are countless people behind them, they say hello, and they may and court officials have connected, or even what is handle in the hands of court officials, officer officer who is officialdom unspoken rules, they must look at the officer the second generation, the rich second generation, 2009 multi-exposure officer the second generation into the officialdom, http://machin-architects.co.uk/ illustrates the problem. Therefore, workers, farmers, to pass the interview is a big problem. Fourth, identity.
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