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In addition, a year, can choose a day to go out tourism, outside in the romantic time together, also can date each other, find the feeling of love, passion outside occasionally, even to make sex more romantic. Seven, never met the unpleasant things outside home, looking for the other party not to be angry. This social let we a lot of unpleasant things, work, life, friends, career medium many aspects may make us unhappy, but don't put the unhappy home, cannot find each other more angry, can be in a quiet, on the other side, the unpleasant things about yourself, the other will make you unhappy with their tender ran to the outside of the cloud nine, you also find it in each other's gentle, regain confidence. Eight, don't dig at each other in ordinary speech. How many have high and low income, wealth, the society will never be fair, a surviving spouse don't sum compare others especially his wife, the husband of others as what officer, the other people's husband earned a lot of money, the husband also don't say others' wife how good, the other people's wife is so beautiful, all of these are easy to vilify relationship, remember: conjugal love is more important than anything, wealth and beauty is passing. Happy life can't tell fortune, money is enough, there are a lot of people are not as good as you, the beautiful is the source of youth, one day, a beautiful would not exist. Only a lifetime of husband and wife is forever rely on, only the husband and wife in you are ill, frustrated will sincerely serve you, to comfort you, others can't do that. Nine, deal with the education of children to discuss good, who can't say the education way is better than who. Now children are only a husband and wife, husband and wife are looking at children ChengLongCheng chicken, http://www.chicagocaptioning.com/ maybe a couple of different life experiences, think up ways must be different, nature also have different education way, however, as parents, must be good to discuss, don't in its own way of education for the best, the premise is that the child the joy of life, the growth of happiness, Fake Versace Belt want to believe, in all walks of life have wit. Ten, both husband and wife to stay away from bad habits, the hobby to health. Everyone will have different hobbies, but no matter what's your hobby, if healthy, positive, upward, to stay away from those bad hobbies, such as gambling, drugs, etc., said that the husband and wife together singing boring, is not convenient, I asked him what is not convenient, you sing, I sing I, again not hinder you, say me is also a unit of young cadres, you will be able to attend, I also want to attend. However, after entering a nighttime, gay men should call miss accompany, I don't like, but don't show it, I know it's bad social ethos, as long as her husband don't go looking for miss, regardless of other people's. I can think of is, however, my husband should also call a young lady, I was went to gave her husband a box on his ears. The husband was shouted at me: find a young lady, now this society is such. Also call me roll. I was so angry I was shivering, said that since you are so shameless, so we divorce. Say that finish cried and ran out. I really want to out him to apologize to me, however, he did not come out.
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must grasp, must to value their family, don't do something sorry to each other. Because once a bottom go to, not be able to love between couples, so, do anything, http://www.chicagocaptioning.com/ must be on the premise of conjugal love, on the basis of. Conflicts with conjugal love of things have to give up, Replica Versace Belt conjugal love to be in the first place. Fourth, the income of husband and wife to plan as a whole, do housework together. Couple there must be some difference of income, have high low, high income of one party not bullying, family income, because your income is not your personal income, the couple's income should be put together, Versace Belt suggest high income for low-income people to manage, so, let low-income people have ownership feeling, make you feel in love he (she), low-income wouldn't be the end of family not to waste money, will be better revitalize the household income, spending much more reasonable, will have money to spend when really need the money. For housework do not think that is one thing, the housework is Shared between a couple household chores, the husband came back to take the initiative to do, the wife also don't just letting the husband do, who has the time to take the initiative to do household chores, it also can promote each other the truth, when doing the housework to find the pleasure of husband and wife, maybe in doing the housework, evening have interest sex life will be more. Five, the corresponding freedom to each other, to fully trust each other. Society is composed of men and women, between women and men have association is normal, so, both sides of husband and wife should fully trust each other, don't limit the freedom of the other party, nor suspicious, even to the tracking, in this way, will produce a lot of misunderstanding, embarrassment and even can't afford to make each other feel. , since men and women of husband and wife, trust is the first, if can't trust each other, tend to be too much, betrayal of husband and wife is always caused by the husband and wife don't trust. So, a couple of betrayal is not a person's fault, of course, there are also a person's fault, but that's just extremely individual). Six, husband and wife to mutual romantic, have a sense of fresh forever. Couples living together for a long time, the other party has been quite understand, it is not a novelty, marital life will become dull, at this time, couples tend to deteriorate. In order to let the husband and wife always have fresh, all want to make romance, such as birthday party, can go out for a bit of Harpy, can buy each other like the gift, remember, flowers are essential. Especially, engagement, wedding, get to know each other, couples feel have a memorable day must make romance. Also, a side trip, must give each other some small gifts, he (she) like gift is not expensive, lies in the heart with his (her).
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just on the table, the wife's mother suddenly said to me is in dress, for a moment, mother-in-law came out, I looked up, but didn't look at the second eye, she wore a dress transparent, bra to wear, the inside of the nipple is to see clearly, and is a low-cut dress, the cleavage to let a person eyes confused, and her underwear shorts is transparent, can faintly see a black inside, I hasten to lower the head, but I still felt a sudden impulse.

At this time, my mother-in-law was standing in front of my eyes, asked me very not good-looking, and told me to look at, I looked up, but did not dare to look at her, especially her face is more beautiful than my girlfriend, that a person's eyes let me again a frenzy. I smiled and said his mother-in-law is really too young and beautiful, let a person dare not look at. Mother-in-law was sitting next to me with a smile, http://www.samswildbees.com/ say to want to let me enjoy the charm of her carefully, and then took my hand to pour wine for me, and I do, and gave me food, then drink red wine, I could not delay, because I felt my heart was jumping, had to and she drank a cup of a cup, do not know how much cup, feel not sober up.

I need is limited, but my mother-in-law and I drink. Suddenly, I heard the music sounded, the lamplight of the sitting room with the soft light, mother-in-law should hold me want to dance with me, and, my mother-in-law and I have jumped up in the sitting room, mother-in-law hold me, breasts against my chest, her large breasts let me can't self sustaining, let my heart speeds up, blood flow speed, the following is already quite high, mother-in-law seems to feel, kept wriggling around, below the old touching me.

A song, mother-in-law said to take a shower, wait a minute, and then call me watching DVDS, newly bought today, I do not know look, call me see first, she went to a bath, I have a look at the disc, the original film, where the camera let me this big men can't breath heavily, but I feel uncertain to move the body, then, to hear my mother-in-law called me in the bathroom, said forgot to take clothes, asked me to send in, I had to picked up her clothes on the sofa to knock on the bathroom door, the door opened and his mother-in-law stand in there, nothing to wear, standing there looking at me, seemed to provoke me. Replica Fendi Belt I can't see, come out quickly, in a short while, mother-in-law came out, she put the towel around the body, as if not wearing clothes, and then sat down beside me, accompany me to watch movies, also on me, one hand hold my waist, I feel more and more can't self sustaining, holding her hand, slowly, she hold more and more tightly hand touched my sensitive place
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